KINO PILOTU, PRAGUE, 25th May 2021, 18:00

Dear fans of the film,

our festival has ended the period of submitting its films. On Tuesday, May 25, 2021, Kino Pilotu, 18:00, a screening of the best Czech and foreign films and music videos awaits us.

Nominated Czech short films (main prize CZK 2,000):

Ribbon Lady – dir. Ludmila Cimbůrková  
The Call – dir. Ondřej Burda  
Origin – dir. Alexandr Borecký
Clearing – dir. Adam Ošťádal

The nominated films for the main prize (500 USD) - Best Picture PIMFF 2020/21 are:
DAVID (USA, r. Zachary Woods)
GOOD THANKS, YOU? (UK, r. Molly Manning Walker)
HENET WARD (Egypt, r. Morad Mostafa)

We will screen 4 Czech short films and the best film of the PIMFF 2020/21 festival.

The Call

It's a cold spring evening and Tomas is just in the city far away from his home. He is talking on a phone to Anna, who is suddenly telling him that a suspicious man is standing in front of their house and is trying to get in.

Director: Ondřej Burda


Samuel is divorced man in his fourties, living alone in tenement house. His only companion in a small flat is his parrot Parmenides that he got from his daughter Lena. He wants to live in Greece with her. This travel to Greece is his escape from life but also a way to make relationship between him and his daughter better. The parrot that was a present from Lena is a symbolical bridge between their relationship. Samuel and Parmenides shares the same room but also the ambition to break from a cage and reach their shared dream - they want to fly.

Director: Alexandr Borecký


Three friends, that had known each other since they were little kids, have decided to spend a night out together. Leo, a person that relies heavily on their friendship, is realising how much he has been lacking behind in his life when he sees his how much his friends grew as people, outside their little circle. This makes Leo reconsider his approach to life and also makes him think about how much relying on the friendship has hold him back.

Director: Adam Ošťádal

Ribbon Lady

Ribbon lady’s job is to sit naked in front of a high school figure painting class. Her old body is presented in all its beauty covered with wrinkles that let us know of her wisdom. Self proclaimed noble countess tells a story about her husbands which she loved and outlived. Her light-hearted life is full of happy little accidents, stereotypical rituals, feminine love and her beauty.

Director: Ludmila Cimbůrková (Czech Republic)


David needs help. So does David. A severely depressed man reaches out for an emergency therapy session. He’s not the only one who needs help.

Director: Zachary Woods (USA)