PIMFF Trophy

All monthly winners (also honorable mentions) may order the official PIMFF statuette for themselves and their team.

The plate is made of a mix of metals. Engraving is done by a diamond. This involves mechanical damage to the surface of the board and engraving of a specific text.

Dimensions: 15 x 15 cm.


Click on the link below and you can buy a trophy via the FilmFreeway platform in the Tickets section.
The trophy costs $ 180 + travel costs $ 30-50. The final amount is $ 200 (about 170   €).

After payment, write us the following information on our festival e-mail: info@praguefilmfest.com

1. Award (for example: Best Short Film)
2. Title of the film
3. Name
4. Shipping address
5. Phone number (WITHOUT IT, WE CAN'T SHIP)