Best Feature Film
Living Unscathed (Peru, Manuel Siles)

2nd Best Feature Film
The Council (USA, JayTee Thompson)

3rd Best Feature Film/Best Director Feature Film/Best Cinematography
Fourth River (USA,Director: RK DreamWest, Cinematographer: Nithin K Raj)

Honorable Mention: Feature Film
Pretty Men (Korea, Kim Jung Wook)

Best Feature Documentary

2nd Best Feature Documentary/Best First Time Director
Lost in Berlin (USA, Rodney S. Martel)

3rd Best Feature Documentary
Fifth List (Cuba, Giselle Garcia Castro)

Best Short Film
No place like lockdown (Poland, Mariusz Kuczewski)

2nd Best Short Film/2nd Best Director Short Film
First day (Syrian Arab Republic, Lotus Massoud)

3rd Best Short Film
NOTHING HAPPENS - A day of isolation (Dominican Republic, Nicolás Cordone)

Honorable Mention: Short Film/Best First Time Director (Short)
The Smuggler (United Kingdom, Adrian Serecut)

Honorable Mention: Short Film
First, Last (China, Ruiyin Ouyang)

Honorable Mention: Short Film
False Teeth (Korea, lee goni & Mun bong seob)

Best Short Documentary
Naked Woman (United Kingdom, Ross Casswell)

2rd Best Short Documentary
Homeland Gone (Spain, Laura Lavinia)

3rd Best Short Documentary
HOME DOOMED (Turkey, Doğukan Özkılıç)

Best Super Short Film
UNHEARD SHORT MOVIE (Russia, Vitaly Golovatyuk)

2nd Best Super Short Film
Death's Dilemma (United Kingdom, Flynn Wilson)

3rd Best Super Short Film
Doubt (USA, Brad Watts)

Honorable Mention: Super Short Film
Go back 3 spaces (Italy, Stefano Schiavone)

Honorable Mention: Super Short Film
Night (USA, Marissa Liu)

Best Student Film
Love Lies Bleeding (Taiwan, Angel Teng)

2nd Best Student Film
Mavka (Ukraine, Alona Shylova)

3rd Best Student Film
Card XVI (Brazil, Flávia Campos)

Honorable Mention: Student Film
Behind the camera (United Kingdom, Niamh Mahoney)

Honorable Mention: Student Film
Haute Couture (USA, Wells Watson Jr.)

Best Director Short Film
Brandon Gotto (Belgium, LA LIGNE NOIRE)

Best Director Super Short Film
Cherelle Owusu (United Kingdom, Flame)

2nd Best First Time Director (Short)
Obsessed (Sweden, Robert Reinholdsson)

2rd Best First Time Director (Feature)
Akimi Ota (United Kingdom, Kanarta)

Best Director Student Film/3rd Best First Time Director (Short)
Self Serve (USA, William Wilms)

Best Music Video
Genie in a Bottle (Australia, David Mace-Kaff)

Honorable Mention: Music Video
Konowoulen (France, Geoffroy Virgery)

Honorable Mention: Music Video
Lovemaking (Czech Republic, Tereza Hirsch)

Best Director Music Video
Fucking Down (Spain, Amanda Lago)

Best Drama Short Film
Mom is gone (Peru, Gonzalo Gutierrez Prado)

Honorable Mention: Drama Short Film
Bluebells on the Mountain (United Kingdom, Louis Turner)

Honorable Mention: Drama Short Film
Goodbye Danny (United Kingdom, Andre Llewellyn)

Best Comedy Short Film
$300 (United Kingdom, Mike McDougall)

Best Animated Film
Elizabeth Hardy:Private Investigator (USA, Emory Rice)

Honorable Mention: Animated Film
The n.a.p. (Italy, Adolfo Di Molfetta)

Honorable Mention: Animated Film
The Open Window (India, Arnav Roy Choudhury)

Best Experimental Short Film
Empty Object with Music for Two Pianos (Australia, Stephen Richardson)

Best Indie Short Film
Alarm Clock (Russia, Anton Kolmakov)

Honorable Mention: Indie Short Film
Lifeless (USA, Alex Fedosov)

Honorable Mention: Indie Short Film

Best Indie Feature Film
Charlene (Canada, Hasan Qureshi)

Best Web/TV Series/Best Original Screenplay
The Jersey Connection: S2 Premiere (USA, Tim Firtion)

Honorable Mention: Web/TV Series
Él & Elle (Mexico, Sarah Barlondo , Pablo Domínguez, Migue Arenas, Kenneth Müller, Vanessa Palacios, Ricardo Perezgil, Fernando Perezgil, Luis Torrecilla, Cláudio Cardoso)

Honorable Mention: Web/TV Series
Eugima's Village (USA, JayTee Thompson)

Best Horror/Best VFX
The Eve (USA, Luca Machnich)

Honorable Mention: Horror
NEBULA (Spain, Borja Ros Espejo)

Honorable Mention: Horror/3rd Best Director Short Film
Petra (Cyprus, Andreas Avgousti)

Best Thriller
Shattered (USA, Madison Kennedy)

Honorable Mention: Thriller
The Flower People (USA, Charles A. Christman III)

Best Sci-fi
PARADOX (Australia, Jon Cohen)

Honorable Mention: Sci-fi
Birdland (USA, Alex Gosciniak)

Best Fantasy
Loop (USA, Yanqing Chen“Jack”)

In Your Hands (Italy, Lorenzo Maria Chierici)

Honorable Mention: LGBT
Patrick (USA, Adam Swain Ferguson)

Best Mobile Phone Film
Breakdown Noir (Finland, Kalle Saarinen)

Honorable Mention: Mobile Phone Film
Life Line (United Kingdom, Grace Kooner)

Best Inspirational Film
Holy Mountain (Germany, Franziska Heim)

Best Action
Extractor (Czech Republic, Jiri Balcar)

Best Film Poster/Honorable Mention: Mobile Phone Film
Beatrice (Italy, Vincenzo De Sio)

Best Trailer
OTOS (Australia, Kevin Moussaoui)

Best Actor Short Film
Tiago Leal (Portugal, The Journey)

Best Actor Feature Film/Best Sound Design
Sweet Sunshine (USA, dir: Craig McMahon, act: John Way)

Best Editing
Upheaval (USA, Cameron Bowyer)

Best Production/Best Actress Short Film
Magenta (Italy, prod: Gabriele Tacchi & Ruggero Altair Tacchi, act: Valentina Greco)

Best Short Script
Next, please (Italy, Diego Trovarelli)

2nd Best Short Script
SAFE FROM HARM Short gritty northern film (United Kingdom, Debra Marie Mawdsley)

3rd Best Short Script
Slot (United Kingdom, Megan Tremethick)

Best Feature Script
Forgiven (United Kingdom, Aidy Mc)

2nd Best Feature Script
A Shivering Night (USA, Josh Caza)

3rd Best Feature Script
A Christmas Without Snow (USA, Robert Cox)

Best Drama Screenplay
Mirrors At Night (USA, Dean Harakas)

Best Comedy Screenplay
Super Turbo Overdrive (USA, Peter Hsieh)