October 2020

Best Feature Film/Best Director Feature Film/Best Action/Best Actress Feature Film/Honorable Mention: Original Screenplay/Best Production
Actress: Emily Shuel

2nd Best Feature Film/Best First-Time Director (Feature)/Best Comedy/Best Original Screenplay/Honorable Mention: Director Feature Film/Best Actor Feature Film/Best Drama
Murder Bury Win (USA, Michael Lovan)
Actor: Mikelen Walker

Honorable Mention: Feature Film
Amor a Preto & Branco (Portugal, Adérito Ferreira Gonçalves e Odair Monteiro)

Best Feature Documentary
Bazyl (Ukraine, Roman Shirman)

2nd Best Feature Documentary
Insides/Outsides (Germany, Hasko Baumann)

Honorable Mention: Feature Documentary
Last Call for Tomorrow (USA, Gary Null, Valerie Van Cleve_Co-director)

Best Short Film/Honorable Mention: First-Time Director (Short)
May Twenty Seventh of This Year
(Egypt, Mostafa Morad)

2nd Best Short Film/Honorable Mention: Director Short Film/Best Actor Short Film
Only death never lies (Iran, Sam Yazdanpanna)
Actor: Ali Fardi

Honorable Mention: Short Film/Best Director Short Film/Best Indie Short Film
Star Child (France, Alex Guéry)

Honorable Mention: Short Film/Honorable Mention: Cinematography
We Cannot See In The Dark (United Kingdom, Clement Jochem)

Best Short Documentary
If Not Now, Then When?
(USA, Kyle Bastin)

2nd Best Short Documentary
THE TRUTH IS FUGITIVE (Italy, Rosario Minervini)

Honorable Mention: Short Documentary
A contre courant (France, Maël Charpentier)

Best Super Short Film/Best Director Super Short Film
The Test (Germany, Florian Meimberg)

2nd Best Super Short Film/Honorable Mention: Director Super Short Film
The Suspect (Germany, Florian Meimberg)

Honorable Mention: Super Short Film/Honorable Mention: Director Super Short Film
Roomservice (Germany, Florian Meimberg)

Honorable Mention: Super Short Film
The Hypermonster (Italy, Riccardo Di Gerlando)

Best Student Film
Angel Dust
(USA, Brandon Brumm)

2nd Best Student Film
Amygdala (Belgium, Brent Roofthooft)

Honorable Mention: Student Film/Honorable Mention: Director Student Film
10 seconds (Bulgaria, Evgenia Taneva)

Best Music Video
Bastille, Alessia Cara - Another Place
(United Kingdom, Anna Radchenko, Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux)

Honorable Mention: Music Video/Best Director Music Video
Hey Boy - Random Recipe (Canada, MissMe)

Honorable Mention: Music Video
Katka Rejmonova – Byvala (Czech Republic, Martin Kolembar)

Best Animation/
Best Sci-fi/Best Film Poster/Honorable Mention: Director Short Film
Awareness of the Doll
(Poland, Michał Wójcicki)

Honorable Mention: Animation
LEA'S SECRET (Philippines, Rico Gutierrez)
Angry Dogs (United Kingdom, Shaun Clark)

Best Experimental
(France, Hadi Moussally)

Honorable Mention: Experimental Film
Days Without You (United Kingdom, Yiannis Papoutsis)
Pest Control on Golomb Street (Israel, Gadi Rimer)

Honorable Mention: Director Feature Film
Wastelands (United Kingdom, Kemal Yildirim)

Honorable Mention: First Time Director (Short)

10 Photographs (Canada, Brandon Jordan)

Best First Time Director (Feature)/Best Editing/Best Trailer
Shibil (Bulgaria, Nikola Bozadzhiev)

Best Director Student Film
A State of Being
(China, Wen Lei)

Honorable Mention: Director Student Film
A Beautiful Nightmare (USA, Kevin Lee Maxwell)

Honorable Mention: Indie Short Film

The Sky above Budapest (Hungary, Erika Ágnes Bujdosó)

Best Indie Feature Film
Good Old Friends
(Germany, Peter Kondra , Mikael Schallock)

Honorable Mention: Indie Feature Film
The Conspiracy of Dark Falls
(United Kingdom, Flynn Moores)

Best Web/TV Series
Lower East Asides
(USA, Steve Becker)

Honorable Mention: Sci-fi
The First Jellyfish (France, Sébastien Pesle)

Best Fantasy
(Canada, Gerry Manus)

Best LGBT/
Best First-Time Director (Short)
Closets Keep Suburban Boys Home
(USA, Matt Mitchell)

Best Mobile Phon
e Film
We the Jury
(USA, John C Mai)

Best Inspirational
(Belgium, Grohmann, Dieter Michael)

Best Actress Short Film
Queer Isolation
(Canada, Emery Nguyen)

Honorable Mention: Original Screenplay
7OD (Netherlands, Everon Jackson Hooi)

Best Sound Design
(Germany, Katerina Giannakopoulou)

Best VFX/
Honorable Mention: Sci-fi
404 file not found
(Italy, Paolo Brozzi)

Best Cinematography
Description of a Struggle
(USA, Anthony Primavera)

Best Short Script
Chinese Theater
(Italy, Alberto Scisco)

Honorable Mention: Short Script
NIGHT HIGHWAY (Ukraine, Olga Niekrasova)
The Struggle Within (USA, Marc Allen)

Best Feature Script
The Bohemian Alchemist (Italy, Lucia Braccalenti)

Honorable Mention: Feature Script
Memories of Reality (USA, Nolan Lawlor, John Christensen)
MR NOVAK: PART 1 (United Kingdom, Ian Davies)

Best Drama Screenplay
Flaws of an Everlasting Memory
(USA, Anh Le)

Best Comedy Screenplay
Chinese Theater (Italy, Alberto Scisco)