September 2020

Best Feature Film/Best Trailer/Best Actor Feature Film/Best Original Screenplay/Best Editing/Best Production
Mambo Man (Cuba, Mo Fini, Edesio Alejandro)
Producer: Zadoc Nava, Julio Cezar
Actor: Hector Noas
Screenplay: Mo Fini, Paul Morris

2nd Best Feature Film
The Flaming River (Ukraine, Dima Kosygin)

3rd Best Feature Film
TORN - Dark Bullets (Canada, Dan Rizzuto)

Honorable Mention: Feature Film/2nd Best Director Feature Film/Best First-Time Director (Feature)/Best Sound Design
HARMONIE (Austria, Juana Jimenez)

Honorable Mention: Feature Film
Charming Men: Part 1 – Julie (Norway, Thorkell Agust Ottarsson)

Best Feature Documentary
Believe To See (Argentina, Gaby Herbstein, Eric Dawidson)

2nd Best Feature Documentary/2nd Best First Time Director (Feature)

3rd Best Feature Documentary
Creating Beauty (USA, Jeffery L Gary)

Honorable Mention: Feature Documentary
"Behind the Name SHAKESPEARE: Power, Lust, Scorn & Scandal" (USA, Robin Phillips)
A Fighting Chance (USA, Troy Sweeney)

Best Short Film
CHARON (France, Yannick Karcher)

2nd Best Short Film
Christmas Eve (Italy, Carlo Peccia)

3rd Best Short Film
IMPIETRO (Italy, Tommaso Burbuglini)

Honorable Mention: Short Film
LASTCALL (France, Mathieu Baillargeon)
MONSTRUS CIRCUS (France, Jordan Inconstant)

Best Short Documentary/3rd Best Student Film/ 2nd Best First-Time Director (Short)
Next Stop: Estonia (Turkey, Baran Ismail Ulas)

2nd Best Short Documentary
Road To Nowhere (Israel, Ben Slama)

3rd Best Short Documentary/First-Time Director (Short)/Best Czech Short Film
Ribbon lady (Czech Republic, Ludmila Cimbůrková)

Honorable Mention: Short Documentary
My Brazilian Sundays (France, Anne-Sophie Mattéi)
Shadows of Light (Austria, Walter Fanninger)

Best Super Short Film
Close your eyes and look at me (Italy, Andrea Castoldi)

2nd Best Super Short Film
Locked Together (Hungary, Márton Nyitrai, Ervin Sallai)

3rd Best Super Short Film/Honorable Mention: Drama
Inn Communication (USA, Esther Mira)

Honorable Mention: Super Short Film

Kaxa Marca (Peru, Mariel Sosa)
Grey (India, Anuraj Rajadhyaksha)

Best Student Film

Distant (USA, Akhil Deva)

2nd Best Student Film/Best Director Student Film
Smithereens (Brazil, Julie de Oliveira)

Honorable Mention: Student Film
Martin Malibu (Netherlands, Linus Kropp)
The Dandelion Cortex
(USA, Nico Fulton Lavachek)

Best Director Feature Film/Best Indie Feature Film/Best Actress Feature Film
The Christmas Masterpiece (USA, Wayne Goodrich)
Actress: Brooke Chamberlin

Best Director Short Film
Best Away
(Slovakia, Sandra Makhlouf)

2nd Best Director Short Film
Bamboo Ballads (India, Sajeed Naduthody)

3rd Best Director Short Film/Best Thriller

Honorable Mention: Director Short Film
The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie (USA, Ken Sagoes)
Found (USA, Daniel Michael Tomcik)

Best First-Time Director (Short)/Best Actress Short Film
Pseudomonas (Australia, Rhys William Nicolson)
Actress: Belinda Anderson-Hunt

3rd Best First Time Director (Short)/Honorable Mention: Indie Short Film
Reality Cheque (Australia, Laura Bellomo, Liza Dennis)

Honorable Mention: First Time Director (Short)
The Girl at Number 42 (United Kingdom, Sarane McDougall)

Honorable Mention: First-Time Director (Feature)
Seven Thousand Souls (Czech Republic, Sanjin Miric, MA)

2nd Best Director Student Film
COFFINS! (Spain, Miki Garofalo)

3rd Best Director Student Film/Best Animation
Send Me an Angel (Israel, Shahar Arapov)

Honorable Mention: Director Student Film

Segregatio (Puerto Rico, Jowy Santiago)
A brief inquisition into the Luxury Dining Experience (United Kingdom, Riagáin Grainger)

Best Music Video/Best Director Music Video
Kirin Dosha Monophobia (France, Jeremy Aidan)

Honorable Mention: Music Video
Livin' in the Light (USA, Hannah Hefner, Emmanuel Henreid)
ALESTORM - Shit Boat (Australia, Simon Norton)

2nd Best Director Music Video/Honorable Mention: Drama/Best Indie Short Film
Don't Come Too Early (Poland, Dorota Fórmanowska)

3rd Best Director Music Video
Rollcall BLACKPITCH (Germany, Karolina Wyrwal, Giacomo Corvaia)

Honorable Mention: Director Music Video
Taylor Payne Apparition (Australia, Angie Fleming)
7pm (USA, Tal Cohen-Litant)

Best Drama
Take Control (United Kingdom, Luke Walters)

Best Comedy
Nursery Rhyme of a Madman (Canada, Igor Stephen Rados)

Honorable Mention: Animation
Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Sane? (United Kingdom, Nick Hales)
Sense Nonsense (Artham Anartham) (India, Harish Iyer)

Best Experimental
Dada Marriage
(Ukraine, Anastasia Mamontenko)

Honorable Mention: Experimental
Lichtphon Art-Avant X (Germany, Schahram Poursoudmand)
Silhouettes *Iconique* (LICHTPHON/IKONEN 1) (Germany, Schahram Poursoudmand)

Honorable Mention: Indie Short Film
To Kill A Truth (Greece, KIRIAKOS KOTSINIS)

Honorable Mention: Indie Feature Film
Dark Room (USA, Antonio Jefferson)

Best Web/TV Series

"THE HONEY TRAPPER" Season 2 (USA, Felise Garcia)

Honorable Mention: Web/TV Series

Best Horror
Lullaby (Portugal, Joao Pedro Frazão)

Honorable Mention: Horror
Infant (Ireland, Marcin Skruch)

Honorable Mention: Thriller
For Sale (Germany, Jan Bartels)
Beauty Queen (Germany, Jan Bartels)

Best Fantasy
For Francoise and Martha (USA, Tomas Savrda)

Only human (Slovakia, Lukas Vizner)

Honorable Mention: LGBT
Turned To Light (United Kingdom, Luke Naylor-Perrott)
Shining Moon Director's Cut (Chile, Gustavo Letelier)

Best Mobile Phone Film
A World Without You (Japan, Katsuhide Yamago)

Honorable Mention: Mobile Phone Film
Walls (USA, John Druzba)
SHIFT (Netherlands, Stijn Koomen)

Best Inspirational
Tombstone Pillow (USA, Daniel Lir, Bayou Bennett)

Best Film Poster
The Grey Room (United Kingdom, Daniel De’Ath)

Honorable Mention: Czech Short Film
The Life IS Colorflul (Michal Janos)
The Deer (Nazar Germanov)

Best Actor Short Film
Contingency (USA, Guy Mayfield)

Best VFX

Blue Crystel (Italy, Giuseppe Rossi)

Best Cinematography
Everything's Fine!
(Canada, Christine Tannous)

Best Short Script
Breaking & Entering (USA, Michael Hogan)

2nd Best Short Script
The Miracle of Isabella Herrera (USA, Jomo Merritt)

3rd Best Short Script
Big Data (Romania, Ion Plangu)

Honorable Mention: Short Script/Honorable Mention: Drama Screenplay
The Mad Dentist (Italy, Alberto Scisco)

Honorable Mention: Short Script
Dodging Her Bullet (USA, Richard M Meiman, Johnny JJ Wachter)

Best Feature Script
Finding Your True Self (United Kingdom, Gabriel Brown)

2nd Best Feature Script
Unison Kismet: The Twin Samaritan (Italy, Francesco Pio Capussela)

Best Drama Screenplay

The Llandudno File (USA, Stephen D Floyd)

Honorable Mention: Drama Screenplay
The Ones Who Run Pilot (USA, Jordan-Paige Sudduth)