Aaron Lee Noyes

My name is Aaron Lee Noyes and I'm an award winning and published Photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Alongside my photography, I recently fulfilled a childhood dream of becoming a Screenwriter and Director.

I'm a huge fan of cinema and because of my photography background I favour strong and provocative cinematography. Roger Deakins and Paul Thomas Anderson are key influences. My first screenplay was developed into a short film titled "Mr. Gypsie". A thirty-two-minute drama featuring a talented 35-person cast and crew. The film took close to three years to develop and film due to Covid delays. My mission is to develop my craft by collaborating with dynamic teams that enable me to bring my ideas to life. I've teamed up with Australian Actor and Executive Producer Sal Galofaro to form "Gypsie Films" a boutique production company focusing on visually powerful and meaningful narrative films.

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Interview with Aaron Lee Noyes

1. Your project takes a part in our festival. What is your project about?
I wrote Mr. Gypsie in 2019 around same time as the trial of Cardinal George Pell. I was quite moved by the victims' stories. The story that stuck with me most was that of a heartbroken father who had lost his son to suicide years earlier. He was understandably angry that his son's abuser was walking free. I thought there and then what if he had taken vengeance against his son's abuser in that moment the concept of Mr. Gypsie was born.


2. What were your requirements for actors to take a part of your film?
Sal Galofaro is not only my Co-Producer but my father-in-law as well. From day one it was him and only him I could see playing Mr. Gypsie. Sal committed wholeheartedly to the character. Utilizing his experience he created a nuanced laden performance with great strength, sorrow and intrigue. Clayton Jacobson who plays the role of Roy is an incredibly talented and highly regarded Australian Actor, Writer and Director. He is the man behind films like Kenny and Brothers Nest as well as performing in and Animal Kingdom. Clayton was the perfect support for Sal having clear on-screen chemistry. All other supporting roles were filled by talent who resonated with our story and complimented Sal's performance. I made a point of using various Australiana backdrops throughout the film which I believe compliment all elements.


3. How did you communicate with the cameraman?
Our Cinematographer Alper Kasap was instrumental to the visual styling on the film. Alper and I went back and forth in conversation for over two years before filming started. We share a love for noir and the use of landscapes in films. No Country for Old Men" is one of many key influences.

4. What locations did you choose for your project? And why?
We choose various locations in suburban Melbourne and rural Victoria. Each one was carefully selected for its authenticness and all scenes except one were shot on location. Those in rural Victoria and in particular the ones involving landscapes were critical to get right in order to convey the scale of what was taking place.

5. Why should distributors buy your film?
We have all toyed with the idea of seeking revenge. The desire to make those who have done wrong by us "pay" is a feeling that almost everyone has experienced but most never act on. Our main characters pain and suffering is relatable in one way or another to everyone no matter where on the globe you live. I'm currently working on a feature length script that explores the main characters history and story beyond the short film.

6. What expression elements did you use in your project? How would you characterize your work?
Alper Kasap and I agreed the colour palette of the film would represent a desaturated viewpoint of Mr. Gypsie's world without his son. Critical scenes were emphasised with a red, green and blue palette. The film was shot on a RED scarlet 5k with Zeiss spherical lenses. I would characterise my work as dark, moody and thought provoking.

7. At what festivals have you had success? Has the film already premiered? If so, where?
We are very early into our festival campaign, however at the time of this interview we have won "Best Australian Director" at the London Director Awards. A welcomed result with many applications yet to be seen. The film has not yet been screen at any festival.

8. What motivated you to become a filmmaker?
My purpose is to tell moving and original stories containing themes people can resonate with and have lengthy conversations about long after watching.

9. Which movies are your favorites? And why?
My favourite films are No Country for Old Men, There will be Blood, The Revenant, Drive and more recently The Batman. They're filled with themes I'm drawn to and every time I watch them, I am fully immersed throughout. I'm inspired by the use of vast environments, the pace, and the intense performances.

10. What topics do you like to deal with in your work?
In this story I have chosen to draw attention to pain and its many forms. There is a strong focus on grief and mourning. These are emotions that I don't always navigate well, and I found focusing on them with this project quite cathartic. I like to explore human behaviours at their extremes and get people thinking and questioning themselves and the world.

12. What genre do you like to shoot and why?
I like shooting dark dramas. To me this genre has an emotionally broad reach and is one I can experiment with from a technical point of view. I enjoy many genres and plan to explore sci-fi and dark comedy in the future.

13. What project would you like to shoot one day, what would it be about?
I hope to fund and produce a feature length film about Mr. Gypsie which will explore the him in more depth and continue the story beyond the short film.

14. How has COVID affected your film life?
We encountered multiple challenges in pre-production due to COVID-19 including rescheduling and re-casting multiple times. The film was shot in Melbourne where restrictions were some of the harshest globally. Everyone that worked on the film believed it would be a success and wanted to be part of it. After a full year of delays, we finally managed to get an amazing team together and get it done.

15. What do you do if you're not thinking about a movie? What are your hobbies?
I enjoy photography and writing in my spare time. I love being with my family and really enjoy watching movies together.

16. What projects do you plan to shoot in the future?
I am currently working on a short film titled Remember which is the story of a man reminiscing on a life well lived with shooting commencing in March 2023. I also plan on shooting my first documentary about Cystic- Fibrosis. Cystic-Fibrosis is a chronic hereditary health condition I suffer from and wish to shed light on.