Official Selection
2023/24 - Summer Edition

First Name Last Name Project Title Country of Origin Project Type
Wolfgang Moser Michael Gaismayr Italy Feature
James Carroll The Pickleball Killer United States Screenplay
Jacek Raginis-Królikiewicz A Time For Summer Poland Feature
Cinzia Bomoll LA CALIFORNIA Italy Feature
Klaudia Pachuta Ilunga Poland Short, Student
Charlie Vitug Love Again Philippines Short, Student
The Market Canada Animation, Short, Student
Matyáš Lada The Chaplain Czech Republic Short, Student
Pedram Taghavi Death of Nazarene Germany Animation, Music Video
Michael Gould SACRED SUN United Kingdom Screenplay
daniel deville By Any Other Name United Kingdom Short
Darren Murphy Blueberry Smoothie - Script United Kingdom Short Script
Alex Cha Fragments France Short
Lorenzo Sicuranza Close Italy Short Script
Alex Daskalov Velvet & Czech Republic Feature
Masha Sokolova Spaghetti and Lipstick Czech Republic Short, Student
Francesca Canali ZAUBERWEGE - On the path to music Austria Documentary, Short
Hodo Gaia None Hodo Gaia - Fumus Omnes Germany Experimental, Music Video, Short
Edelweiss Film Team None EDELWEISS. Austria Documentary
Michael Bukovanský Parabens Czech Republic Feature, Short, Student
Maja Górczak The Confession Czech Republic Short, Student
Martin Kovac Life of Mohéli Slovakia Documentary
Caroline Liebhart Mother Tongue Austria Short
Konstantin Frolov The Way United States Experimental, Feature
Aleksander Zawadzki Rigor Mortis Poland Short, Student
Karolina Alvarez Take your space Czech Republic Documentary
Frostbyte Short FROSTBYTE United States Animation, Short, Student
Martin Klekner Heroes of Bronze - The Memory Czech Republic Animation
Dennis Müller TOUCHÉ Germany Short
Smolenski Deer Poland Experimental, Short
Angelos Alfatzis Untitled IV Greece Experimental, Short
Michael Klemm It's a Match! Czech Republic Short, Student
Tyrese Shipp Dragons United Kingdom Documentary, Short, Student
Nadeshiko Koba Boneless Lantern Japan Feature
Judy Brulo Revenge of the Servants of the Gods United Kingdom Screenplay, Television Script
Rozálie Nyklíčková Gluttony Czech Republic Short
Vitaly Flipgraf Swipe Not Specified Short
Kinga Pudełek Big Phat Party Poland Feature, Short, Student
Denisa Mařasová Watercolors Czech Republic Short
Guillermo Rosabal-Coto We are the music Costa Rica Documentary, Short
Hamad Yousef Alnoori ( Battle of Bridges ) Docudrama Documentary Kuwait Documentary, Television
John Parr Unconquered United Kingdom Documentary, Short
Vratislav Karas Feeling Breathless Czech Republic Documentary, Short
Hubert Górski Escaping from the town Poland Student
Beata Csendes Ten out of the Ten Hungary Short
Massimo Falsetta Things Left Unsaid Italy Short
Ivan Surnyk Cape Cod - Match Point Ukraine Music Video, Short
setare karimi The path of Ghosts Austria Short
EASY doesit GmbH Weil Ihr Nur Eure Hunde Liebt (Cause You Only Love Your Dogs) Germany Short
Caroline Debia Ultra Violet France Short
Claire Herbert Butterfly Czech Republic Short, Student
Pawel Stokajlo Pesto - VESPA Poland Music Video
Erick Pessoa Isabeau France Short
Joanna Lechowska In the Puddle Poland Feature, Short, Student
Pelayo de Lario TALES OF BABYLON United Kingdom Feature
Ivan Crnac I am CODA Czech Republic Documentary, Short, Student
Csaba Modos The Dust of Diamond Highways Hungary Short
Katharina Sporrer The Visit Germany Short, Student
Yiwen Cao Invader and Defender Hong Kong Documentary, Experimental, Short
Ládík Petrecký Russian revolution Czech Republic Short
Tereza Krejčová Bloody Johann Czech Republic Experimental, Feature
Ringo Christiaan Van Droffelaar Carry The Cross by Paracrona Norway Music Video
Roksana Gotz Slava United Kingdom Short
JASMINE HUGGINS First Wednesday Czech Republic Short, Student
Monique van Kessel The Revelation Netherlands Feature
Romain Fleury Sidelined France Short
Simone Pellegrini Beyond You Italy Short
Keith Reilly Ahoy for Joy United Kingdom Screenplay
gianni russo BUBBLES Italy Short
Erika THOMAS The Shaman's Song - Journey to Lapland France Documentary
Cécile Vernant Paps' Trace France Screenplay, Short Script
Dariusz Henka A Deadly Mistake Poland Short
Ruqing Li SANG Czech Republic Short, Student
Jamie Windless Moonjockey United Kingdom Music Video, Short
Jina Rose To My Lover Switzerland Music Video
Minami Iizuka The Taste of Orange Czech Republic Documentary
Ervis Zika The PAntry Germany Short
Monica De Almeida Look what you have done ! Switzerland Short
Rod Tipton Home of the Dead United States Screenplay
The K Sensei It's so beautiful - The movie France Music Video
Donatella Corrado The Loss of Innocence Italy Screenplay, Short Script
Silvia Goliašová Selfmotion Czech Republic Experimental, Music Video, Short, Student
Riley Wadden Disconnect Canada Short, Student, Other
Terezia Kontova Učitelia a žiaci Slovakia Screenplay
Blanche Malet Sutures et Consolation (Stitches and Solace) United Kingdom Animation, Documentary, Experimental, Short, Student
Carla Donato Andrea Alive United Kingdom Short
Tuur Oosterlinck Calf Belgium Short
Jose Stoute St. Vierja Academy Panama Feature, Student
Alessio Morreale The Hourglass United Kingdom Short
Jan Bartels Sweet Home Germany Feature, Short
François Manceaux Encontro France Feature
Federico Carro The king of light the order of the dark gods Italy Screenplay
Associazione Noi Giovani Peaupulaire Italy Experimental, Feature, Short, Student
Agile Films Down, Down, Down United Kingdom Short
Lian Hong Juan China Short, Student
Miroslav Haluza JAVARI Czech Republic Documentary
Henry Morris Banged up & Bored United Kingdom Short
Logan Findlay Sometime, Somewhere United Kingdom Short
Ecem Lawton Derin Mevzular Turkey Music Video
Law Wallner Skofi - Mirrored Austria Music Video
Kugga Info The Last Target Not Specified Short
Andrea Marinelli PEAT WAVES Italy
Kaze Uzumaki My Method Germany Short
Samantha Lee Howe The Stranger In Our Bed United Kingdom Screenplay
Marko Pyhtila Balloc E1: An Adventure in Metafiction Czech Republic Television Script
Marko Pyhtila An Odd Couple Czech Republic Short Script
Luke Davies School of Murder United Kingdom Screenplay
Piotr Brzezinski The Whisperer in Darkness Poland Short, Student
Alejandro Llamas Don Javier Mexico Animation, Documentary, Short, Student
Adam Fried The Walk Germany Documentary, Short
Yixuan Tu SUMMER WILL BE LONG China Short
Lucy Sarasin Heights United States Short
Tau Tau Menghan PINKY SWEAR-Whatever She Wants Germany Feature
Carolina Garrido Run Baby Run Spain Feature
Gregg Jaden THE CURSE EFFECT United States Documentary, Short
Iqtadar Hasnain Life Without United Kingdom Feature
Nandana Hewapanna 1st & 2nd Sri Lanka Feature
Elliot Stanton Exit Stage Left United Kingdom Screenplay, Short Script, Television Script
Marcel Ruizendaal The House in the Middle of the Sea United Kingdom Short, Student
Sebastian Davis Bell Tolls United Kingdom Student, Screenplay, Short Script
Slawek Zalewski FORTRESS Poland Animation, Short
cédrick spinassou Together France Short
cédrick spinassou Lucia's world France Short
cédrick spinassou volte face France Short
Tim Walton The Lightkeeper's Tale United States Short Script
Joseph Anthony Francis Single At Christmas United States Screenplay
Joseph Anthony Francis Closet Cases United States Television Script
Beata Csendes Ten out of the Ten Hungary Short
Suzann Wade Queen of Parks United Kingdom Documentary, Short
Hammam Shafie “The Secret” United States Feature
Hadzi-Aleksandar Djurovic A Cross In The Desert Serbia Feature
Lucas Reinke Tears Of Happiness United Kingdom Student, Short Script
Lucas Reinke Germans Don't Make Movies United Kingdom Student, Short Script
JASMINE HUGGINS First Wednesday Czech Republic Short, Student
Milan Ligač 1984 Czech Republic Feature, Other
Daniel Le Hai Cold Poland Short, Student
Daniel Le Hai Time to Revolt Poland Documentary, Short, Student, Other
Elliot Stanton Deadline To Death United Kingdom Screenplay, Short Script, Television Script
Elliot Stanton A Change of 'Art United Kingdom Screenplay, Short Script, Television Script
Elliot Stanton Out Of Adversity United Kingdom Screenplay, Short Script
Orhan Burak Acar Egaliter Turkey Animation, Short

Official Selection
2022/23 - Winter Edition

First Name
Last Name
Project Title
Country of Origin
Czech Republic
Project Type
Student Film
George Hellas Strife United States Screenplay
Edline Hsieh The Yellow Shirt United Kingdom Experimental, Short, Student
Branko Stojanoski Centroid Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Short
Marcus Palmer Disco Bloodbath New Zealand Documentary, Feature
Eva Trundová The Mantis Case Czech Republic Animation, Short, Student
Kevin Cooper Plus Ukraine Experimental, Short
Michal Bolland ZASADA Poland Documentary
Silvia Panakova THE BALLAD OF PIARGY Slovakia Feature
Irlanda Marlene Martinez Sanchez Sour coconut Mexico Short Script
Jesse Dorian As Scared As You United States Screenplay
Joana Brandão I Would Do it Again Portugal Music Video
Jesse Dorian Donavan Emery, The Android & Himself United States Screenplay
Garance French Slowly France Screenplay
Steven Sawalich Case for Kindness United States Documentary, Feature
Matthew Gurren Rio Uphill Part 1 United States Experimental, Feature, Other
Millie Heckler Pink Booth Confessions United States Experimental, Music Video, Short
Iryna Kachalouskaya First May Czech Republic Short, Student
Przemysław Kulikowski Queen Poland Short
Krisztian Egry Memoirs of Métiers - About coal and love Hungary Documentary
Akos Kovacs Left On Our Own Hungary Short
Yolanda Brown Melián Los Aspirantes -The Applicants- Spain Short, Web / New Media, Other
Margarita Faneitte VIRIUM Spain Documentary, Other
Nitsa Oz RITUAL Israel Screenplay, Television Script
Giuseppe Zanni Tempo Rubato Enigma - An Argentinian Mozart Italy Documentary
Lucas Fiederling Kiss, Kiss, Kiss Germany Short
Wolfgang Rest ALL WILL BE REVEALED Austria Feature
Nina Bärmann Beyond the White Germany Documentary
Rafaella Lerer Eva's Ring Brazil Feature
Nikodem Maszota My fault Poland Short
Alina Wei OLD ELEPHANT(29m58s) China Short, Student
Christos (Chris Prantza) Prantzalos The Eclipse Greece Short, Student
Frank Dell'Oro Reborn Italy Short
Dimitris Katsimiris Dignity Greece Feature
Mireille fiévet Under Tension France Short
Aleksandr Zakirov Door to the Futur Mexico Screenplay
Víctor Muñoz Julia Spain Short
Philip Van The Waves Belgium Screenplay
Katherine Griffin Le Ballon Bleu (The Blue Balloon) United States Short
Nils A. Witt Out of Dream Germany Short
Valerie Knill Beate sits in the bathroom in silence Germany Short
Malena Perrot ROTOR France Short
Darina Zhunussova Amidst the Quiet Latvia Experimental, Music Video, Other
Andrew Horne Schalken the painter Czech Republic Screenplay
Rogova Yekaterina Beloved son Czech Republic Feature, Student, Television
Thanky Hamutenya LAUF Germany Experimental, Short, Student
Scott Magid Good Morning I Love You United States Experimental, Short, Student
Toni D'Antonio An Unfamiliar Life United States Screenplay
Achim Kleist HaHaHaHa (Don't you just know it) Ukraine Music Video
omar parvaz Fancy A Redo? United Kingdom Short
Elliot Stanton Deadline To Death United Kingdom Screenplay, Short Script, Television Script
Levente Wágner Is anything here? Hungary Short
Jan-Gero Alexander Hannemann D.A.Y.F.L.Y – I think, therefore I am Germany Short
xiang cao The Guide To The Light United States Short, Student
Dimitri Känel Comme Un Arbre Switzerland Documentary
Theus Michaël That's what I'm gonna do Switzerland Music Video
Antonio Da Silva ASHES AND BLOOD France Experimental, Feature
Garami Törőcsik The Seeker of Sight Hungary Short
Jutta Riedel No fags Germany Animation, Documentary
Urszula Nawrot UMBRA / Eclipse of the moon Poland Experimental, Feature, Short
György Dobray HABISZTI Hungary Documentary
Eszter Parragi The Prisoner Germany Experimental, Short
Thomas Brouns The Search United States Documentary, Short, Student
Elena Rubtsova Dream Prisoners Czech Republic Documentary, Short, Student
Ethan Grover Counterpart United States Experimental, Short, Student
Lara Rabitsch tunnel vision Austria Short
Marina Symeou Exploitation Greece Short
Rafał Sankiewicz C'est la vie Poland Animation, Short
Gorkem Kiter Safety Zone Turkey Short
Bo Sjökvist The Embroideresses Sweden Documentary, Short
Maria Inez The Aesthetics of the Fight Brazil Documentary
Ana Lazarevic The Game Serbia Feature
Delphine Berger Origami France Short
julie ducrocq La Zingara et Les Jeunes Gens France Short
Pablo Soto FLOW Spain Experimental, Short, Student, Web / New Media
Keaton Brignall McDougall The Beetle United Kingdom Student
Jérémy Boutes On The Horizon France Experimental, Short, Student
Julia Ernesti Killing in a Vegan way Serbia Short, Student
Antoine Svolanek Modern Life France Music Video, Short
Luiza Maria Are you asleep? Poland Short
Joshua Echevarria Pile - "Loops" United States Experimental, Music Video
Barbara Somossy It Will Never End Hungary Short, Student
Barbara Somossy Solo Hungary Short, Student
Vladislav Motorichev The Ode on Cure United Kingdom Experimental, Feature, Short, Student
Julian Isfort Gardez Germany Short
Bárbara Fdez. Tango Heart Spain Music Video
Andrea Dragov Everyday Things Bulgaria Experimental, Short, Student, Other
Parker Case Heads or Tales United States Television Script
Jonáš Boroš Beekeeper Slovakia Documentary, Short, Student
Michelle Tseng Leaves of Grass Czech Republic Short, Student
Hannes Tell Bravo Marcel - The Century Climber Switzerland Documentary, Short
Marco Meirone LA CALLE ES NUESTRA - the power of art Austria Documentary, Short
GARSHASP Y Ghobadi The Free Hearts Friedrich Nietzsche Germany Animation, Short
vigdis nielsen ANGEL / DEMON Norway Short
David Moreno All the pretty little horses Andorra Music Video, Short
Ajas Isajev Spawn of Love Germany Short, Student
Spencer Ryan Old Flames Canada Music Video
Pozsgai Zsolt DARKING WAY Hungary Feature
Carolyn Gair FLOWER United States Animation, Short
Monique van Kerkhof I dream My dream Netherlands Experimental, Music Video, Short
Jan Prerovsky Spaceapples Czech Republic Animation, Short
Claudio Martins Love Brazil Animation, Short
Paola Fabiani Lunimetarius Italy Screenplay
Antonis Karathanasopoulos #screenlife Greece Short
Jonas Howden Sjøvaag In That Dark Night Norway Music Video, Short
Tobiasz Wałkiewicz Art of Crossing Poland Short
Hugues Guéguen Cruel Tale, Shelter Monday France Short
Xavier Tesson The 13th hour France Short
Andrew Horne Schalken the painter Czech Republic Screenplay
Stephen Lind Lovers' Roulette United States Music Video, Short
Keith Soforic TWINKS United States Screenplay
Christopher Riley No Time Off For Good Behavior United States Short
Nicola Nagy WE ALWAYS ONLY REMEMBER TOMORROW - Commemorating Diana Budisavljević Austria Documentary
Adam Nelki The Leak United Kingdom Short
Ksenia Sakharnova Madly in dissent Czech Republic Documentary
İdil Oğuzhan IF THEY ASK WHAT IT IS; IT IS A LEAF Turkey Documentary, Short, Student
Milina Trisic Ex You Serbia Documentary
Jack Cosgriff The Walz of a Lonesome Pigeon Czech Republic Experimental, Student
Sabrina Ariss Tradition United States Short
Ye Tian Lonely Meadow China Short, Student
Mary Stephanis FIRE TO THE BLOCK (feat. Reo Cragun) Cyprus Music Video
Jens C. Susa THE TALE OF THE FROG AND THE GOLDEN ORB Germany Feature, Television
Robert von Wroblewsky Endlight Germany Feature
Desislava Chuturkova The Smith Bulgaria Experimental
Christo Roussev Adèle France Documentary, Experimental
Eftychia Maria Kondyli Strange Town (Poli Xeni) Greece Animation, Music Video
Louis Leininger Morgenblau Germany Short
Ana Preda BABI AND DEDA Romania Documentary, Short, Student
Milou Guus Korthouwer Time for Epilogues Netherlands Documentary, Short, Student
Luca Müller Momo or Moses Germany Short
Max Berkey The Missing Piece Czech Republic Short, Student, Other
Victor Martini Divorce Day Germany Short
Far From Your Sun I felt a Funeral, in my Brain France Music Video
Nilgoon Askari Fuchsia Fox United States Screenplay
Josef Dvorak Seeds of goodness Czech Republic Documentary, Short
Miguel Cadilhe Curral de Moinas - the people's bankers Portugal Feature
Ondřej Adler Following the traces of the past: Novobystřicko in the shadow of the war Czech Republic Documentary
Thierry Gaudin We are the Earth France Animation, Music Video
Julien Marquet OLYMPIQUE France Short
Sasvári Richárd KETRIĀM Hungary Screenplay, Short Script
Yara Melki A Prison of Sunlight Czech Republic Short, Student
Saint Céran
Rendezvous in Medyka France Documentary
Tom Allen Blue Danube Australia Screenplay
sebastian andrei I´ve got iT under my skin Switzerland Documentary, Short
Patryk Dróżdż Signal Poland Feature, Short
JeremyMax Dream Girl Not Specified Short
Oleksandr Chernega The Pharmacist Ukraine Screenplay
Oleksandr Chernega The Fourteen Days Ukraine Screenplay
Emmanuel Berthelot VILAINS United Kingdom Short
Gerald Wood The Adagio United States Screenplay
Paul Rosescu The Transport Germany Short, Web / New Media
Viachaslau Sikora 72 hours Poland Documentary, Experimental, Short
Andrea Buccelli Didymos Italy Short
Michalis Tigkiridis Yiacemi Greece Short
Eva Debrodt Emancipation Germany Short
Magdalena Nowak-Gniadek Shreds Poland Feature
Magdalena Nowak-Gniadek Perfect Number Poland Feature
Aleksandra Podziewska The End of the World Czech Republic Short, Student
Joohee Oh The Good Samaritan Girl Germany Short

Official Selection
2022/23 -  Autumn Edition

First Name Last Name Project Title Country of Origin Project Type
Flo Demmer Infinity + 1 Germany Experimental, Short
Marietta Birbili The Basement Greece Screenplay
Pedro Amed Mingardi When I Shut My Eyes Brazil Short
Katy Chance The Conduits United Kingdom Screenplay
Feifei Zhong Medea China Short
Lynn Elliott Alta California United States Screenplay
Kevin Mannens Marsh Clouds: the oysters of Harris Neck. United States Documentary
Martin Kolembar Kozicky - Trabant Czech Republic Music Video
Bartosz Andrejuk „Nothing has changed” Poland Short
Dan Bazan One More Take United States Short
June Wong See the Sea with me Hong Kong Animation, Experimental, Short
Robert Haufrecht Subterranean Love (Olga) United States Short
Nicolai Af Rosenborg Hans Hamid: Stitches of My Story Denmark Documentary, Short
Edward Hicklin Quill Canada Screenplay
David Miller Le Tour Kashmir United States Screenplay
Dovydas Draksas Elena United Kingdom Short, Student
Sarah Djuandy Summer Blood United States Animation, Short, Student
Amanda Eke B I D L A Malta Documentary
Solmaz Gholami seven minutes and thirty-one seconds Iran, Islamic Republic of Experimental, Short
CSR- in-Action Earth Women Nigeria Documentary
sabrina leo rouille Switzerland Documentary, Experimental, Short
Anushka Nair Period Drama United States Animation, Student
Yanglu He Welcome United States Animation, Short, Student
Nimit Kaushik The Cadillac United Kingdom Short, Student
Oliver Batchelor Meet Frank (or Perfect Sunset Man) United Kingdom Short, Student
Alexandria Siah The End United States Animation
Steven LucheL Smoking Kills France Short
Petr Hirsch Chernobyl On Wheels Czech Republic Documentary
Joseph Lao Free Pass United States Short
Israel Mirenda ONE MINUTE Uruguay Short
Bethany de Forest Chick Wash Netherlands Animation, Short
Veronica Rotondaro The Poetess Spain Screenplay
Margo Weathers Legacy United States Documentary, Experimental, Short, Other
Shumile (Exotic Dimensions) A Maiden Made Not of Clay Japan Animation, Music Video, Short
Sheida Rafizadeh Warm Milk Canada Short, Student
Viktoria Zadori King of Silence Hungary Student
Camilo Soares Moony Sky, Starry Ground Brazil Documentary
Jakub Piga "Úspešná" rakúska výprava Slovakia Documentary
Akhil Sachi BLUE LEMON India Short
Hoyt Hilsman The Virgin Missile Crisis United States Screenplay
Nikita Belomestnykh The Death of Kafka United States Short
Joachim Böttcher Because the World Turns Very Slowly Switzerland Short
Lars Krone Völkerball 42 Germany Short
James Dongkeon Lee Destination Canada Short, Student
Alison Rayner SCAM United Kingdom Feature
Katariina Haukka The Paper Finland Animation, Short, Student
Luca Peres-Bota Dincolo Belgium Student
Ryan Mekenian Spokespeople United States Documentary, Short, Student, Web / New Media
Mikelle Kruger Suzanne Valadon: The Sin I Will Commit Again United States Screenplay
Owen . C Journey of a Paper China Short, Student
Roberto Serrini Italy In Bocca - Winner of Two Taste Awards 2021 United States Documentary, Short, Television, Web / New Media
Luisa Tamara Coronado García Oliver Mexico Short, Student
Ramin Hosseinpour Video Art Of Sculpture Iran, Islamic Republic of Animation, Documentary, Experimental, Feature, Music Video, Web / New Media, Other
Karl Baudoin Hot Legs New Caledonia Music Video
Juliana Vélez Babel Carpenters France Feature
Oleksii "Alexi" Kyselov Bilodub - Ptaha Na Jmennja Nachtigall Ukraine Music Video
Konstantin Fiedler The Third Germany Short
Melissa Skirboll Down & Out United States Music Video
Gustavo Duc HARASSMENTS Argentina Screenplay
Maciej Pisarek SWINE Poland Music Video
Manya Glassman Acquiescence United States Short, Student
Victor Blaho Memories of Another United Kingdom Feature
Filip Jembrih Cradle Slovenia Documentary, Short, Student
Igor Eyt COPIKORRUPT — Seems Like Human Corrupted Not Specified Music Video
Joni Tuominen Vague Finland Short
Lau Fares Give Her Your Love Argentina Music Video
Hannah Smith The Empyrean Australia Animation, Short, Web / New Media, Other
Anna Golenko Biting Sands Estonia Short
Anna Frances Pearson Nancy New Zealand Documentary, Short
CHENG LI Legacy United Kingdom Short, Student
Charlotte Mermoud Thought Captive Switzerland Animation, Music Video, Short, Television, Web / New Media
Renée Beaulieu Inès Canada Feature
Ebony Hatchett House of Yes United States Documentary, Short
Soul’Chill 夏花藝術 Qi'An Taiwan Short
genna zagoren Mesmerized United States Documentary, Short, Student
Guido Pezz Walking Gently on the Earth Australia Documentary, Short
ALINA ILIN Enough United Kingdom Short, Student
Warsaw Film School Euphrosyne Poland Short, Student
Warsaw Film School Blue Hour Poland Short, Student
Warsaw Film School Behind the eyes Poland Documentary, Short, Student
Warsaw Film School Silence Poland Documentary, Short, Student
Warsaw Film School Arena Poland Short, Student
Warsaw Film School Eden House Poland Short, Student
Rima Irani AUTISM ACROSS THE GLOBE Lebanon Documentary, Feature
Chris Warner The Sidekick Rules United States Screenplay
Salvatore Vitiello INEXISTENTIA Italy Feature
Carl-Victor Krüger Operation 1414 France Short
Sebastian Juszczyk BUEN CAMINO - Grave silence Poland Music Video
Lynn Santer Land of the Free: OUT OF THE SHADOWS Australia Documentary
Taylor Butler The 82 Tiles United States Short
Taylor Butler KID United States Short
Shiri Rose Soothing by The Dead Sea Israel Documentary, Short, Student
Lisa Thomas Candy Store United States Music Video
Ljubba Stefanovic Nove Pare Serbia Music Video
Willy Martin BULLY United States Documentary
Amir Rezazadeh The promise on the bridge Denmark Feature
Kristians Alhimionoks All Good Latvia Television, Web / New Media
Götz Raimund Land of empty promises Austria Music Video
Howard Kaplan MIXED SPIRITS United States Screenplay
Mark Hammond M - Demon Killer United States Screenplay
Stuart Cohen Kuringal Australia Documentary, Short
Jeremy Stork In The Nick Of Time Not Specified Music Video
Marcus Gorman Gold United States Screenplay
Andrea Pátková Zadig/ Človek Slovakia Animation, Music Video, Student
Tom Lop WordLotto United States Television Script
Tracy Tinker Sally Leapt Out Of A Window Last Night United Kingdom Short
Elizabeth Burke Inside the Pointe Canada Documentary
Vincent Monahan A Greenland Story Ireland Documentary, Feature, Television
Rob Margolies Bobcat Moretti United States Feature
David Adamko Tyranny Hungary Documentary, Experimental, Short, Other
Joke Duwaerts Sem Belgium Animation, Short, Student
Vitor Pazin Outbreak Brazil Music Video
ovidiu georgescu THE MASTER OF SILENCE Romania Feature
Sydney Relihan Sex Shop United States Short, Student, Television, Web / New Media, Other
Santiago Larrauri San Kriminal Canada Screenplay, Other
Tom Fuller Reality United Kingdom Animation, Experimental, Music Video, Short, Student
Prem1ere  Film LA GRANDE GUERRA DEL SALENTO Italy Feature
Dmitry Gubin Yesterday and Today United States Short
Kiera Morgan DREAMS LIVE IN TREES United Kingdom Feature
Dana Darie Speak KDSK Canada Animation, Documentary
David Yol ARCA France Short
Marco De Ornellas Scorpio United States Short
Jenn Fonteyn Dove's Labyrinth United States Screenplay
Ryan Flynn Mystery of Art Argentina Short
Eating Potatoes Films Production Never Ask Why India Documentary
Mia Mullarkey Falling Apart Ireland Experimental, Music Video
Emanuel Dan Avram The Sticker Stories Germany Documentary, Short
EMILIO GUIZZETTI Are you going to wait for the next one?! Italy Short
Rachel Chen Ostrich Australia Short
Patricia Poulos And The Devil called! Australia Screenplay
家乐 To Be Or Not To Be China Short, Student, Other
Michał Cygan Not enough of a human Poland Short
Nevena Nikolova ROOFTOP Bulgaria Short, Student
Oksana Prysiazhniuk Steph Ukraine Screenplay
Lineta Lasiauskaitė -15 Lithuania Short, Student
Yevheniia Kolesnykova The Creation Of a Symbolic Painting ENG Ukraine Documentary, Short
Julie Minichová Gorkow United Kingdom Short, Student
Keven Porter Jr Unheard United States Screenplay
Paul Buske Forbidden to enter Germany Documentary, Short
Hoang Vu Nguyen DUAL CEREMONY Viet Nam Short, Student
Beate Petersen Morning without Evening Norway Animation, Documentary
alban coret Stories France Experimental, Short
Emily Morus-Jones Diomysus United Kingdom Animation, Documentary, Experimental, Short, Other
Jonas Alexander The Sin Eater United Kingdom Short
jake moss Boys Will Be Australia Experimental, Feature
Jacob Richardson Salt of the Earth Australia Documentary, Short
Jairus Williams Weight United States Animation, Short, Student
Minha Song BUS '83 United States Animation, Short, Student
Lyuwei Chen Steel Magnolia United States Documentary
Agnes Delaunay Camille & Larry France Short
David Wang A Ghastly Sight China Screenplay
Matyáš Lada The Anxieties Czech Republic Documentary, Short, Student
Ensemble Kluster5 Perceived Reality Netherlands Animation, Experimental, Feature, Music Video
Davide Pellino Nothing's Left Italy Animation, Short
Isabelle Konrad Purpur Germany Feature, Student
Adam Jordan Halcyon Reign - Ahab Australia Music Video
Andy Lupu The Young Dictator Romania Feature
Swati Chugh The Dark Horse of Suffragettes United Kingdom
Alexandr Borecký Untold Pieces Czech Republic Screenplay
Nobb SUEYOSHI Charo's song Japan Feature
Jesse Haaja RENDEL Finland Feature
Jesus Plaza Waves Spain Experimental, Music Video, Web / New Media