Alexandr Borecký

Your project has been recognized in Prague International Film Awards. Could you please provide a brief overview of your project and its significance in the context of our festival? I think it brings a dialogue based film to the mix.
It's set in one place and focuses on a emotions an awkward moments that can occur even amongst the best of friends.

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What were the key criteria or qualities you sought in selecting actors to participate in your film?
One of them was me - since it is a story that really happened and happened to me I thought it would only do it justice and the intimacy needed to be organic. Jenn Kirk was my number one for the role ever since I started to write the film. I knew she could bring the character to life with exactly the features I was looking for. I have seen her act and worked with her before, so she was a clear choice.


How did you collaborate and communicate with the cinematographer to achieve your desired visual style?

Jessica Radlovacki and I have worked together couple of times, some projects are still to be developed. She has a keen eye for detail and understands my vision perfectly as well as add her own ideas which highlight the story AND the vision. We work hard in pre-production to make sure every shot is justified and perfectly set. Jess is a key to this film.

Can you elaborate on the choice of locations for your project and the significance behind those selections?
There were couple options, but Electric Sheep Book Bar is very intimate, the owner and her dog Šakal are very accommodating, not to mention the statue of Death that lurks in the background .


From your perspective, what unique qualities or aspects of your film make it a compelling choice for potential distributors?
I honestly can't tell. This story speaks to some, to some not. People who have been through a similar experience enjoy it and take a lot from it. For others it's just two people blabbing at a bar about something that only sounds deep. To each his own. To be completely honest, I think this film might not be the best for a wide range of audiences.

Could you discuss the artistic elements or expressions you incorporated into your project, and how they contribute to the overall characterization of your work?
Not sure I understand the term "artistic elements", but it's pretty simple - I had head full of thoughts, wrote them down, formatted it into script, created an arch and went to film it. I write and create from experience, from my own feelings, emotions and motivations. I rely heavily on viewers need to see emotion on screen as well as a natural dialogue. I don't like to write things people don't normally say.

What initially inspired or motivated you to pursue a career in filmmaking?
I wanted to become an actor for all the wrong reasons - fame and glamour. It was in L.A. where my acting coach really put me through the work and I realised that there is much more to it. Writing and directing came in need when I couldn't land any project so I wrote my own. Now I make music for film. Filmmaking was definitely a career that had crossed my path much later in life than most, but all lead me here.

Are there any particular films or filmmakers that have greatly influenced or inspired your own work? If so, what aspects of their work resonate with you?
Tarantino for sure - I love the way he writes his dialogues which sometimes seemingly lead nowhere, but they actually always do. Having a conversation about stupid stuff is still a conversation and show you much more about the character than a scene full of meaningful sentences. I also like Spike Jonez's work, especially Her.

What genres do you find most creatively fulfilling to work within, and what draws you to these particular genres?
I find comedy most challenging - it's hard to be funny. I tend to write dramas, but I'm kind of full of it for now.

When you're not immersed in filmmaking, what are some of your other interests or hobbies?
I have a day job, so... that. Also I really have fallen deeply in love with music to film. That is something that I have always put emphasis on and I feel that most directors don't so my goal now is to try and enghliten the scene a little.

Lastly, could you share any insights or plans you have for future projects?
Like I said - music is the way for me. As of right now, I am not planning any projects of my own, rather work on my skills and network for scoring projects of other people. Free for hire ✌️