Fatemeh Mokhtari

Actress and Producer of Entracte


Can you tell us about your journey into acting and what inspired you to pursue a career in film?
Due to public ignorance towards people of short stature in cinema, I pursued acting to represent those individuals while following my interests.

What kind of roles do you find most challenging, and which ones resonate with you the most?
They typically suggest roles and characters that match my physical appearance. However, I find challenging roles that do not match my personality and physicality.

How do you prepare for a new role, and do you have any specific rituals or methods that help you get into character?
First, I determine the character’s traits to begin preparing for a role in a movie. Then, I decide what to achieve in my role to enhance the story. Next, I imagine the setting and era in which the story takes place. Next, I establish my character’s goals and desires to add depth to their persona. Finally, I commence rehearsals to perfect my performance.

Can you share a memorable or challenging experience from one of your film projects and how it impacted your growth as an actress?
The most challenging role I’ve played was in the movie “A Fool” (in Persian: Ablah). My character was humiliated and mocked; she wanted revenge on the people who hurt her. It was challenging because I’m not sensitive to such behaviors in real life, and I don’t care about people who make fun of my short stature. For this reason, I experienced paradoxical emotions while acting in that role in the cinema.

What do you believe is the actor's role in conveying the director's vision while still bringing your unique perspective to a character?
An actor/actress analyzes a role and creates a character. Rehearsed readings can also help actors test their understanding of the role to see if it is believable and acceptable.


How do you navigate the balance between staying true to a character and adapting to changes or feedback from the director during filming?
An actor/actress should meet the director’s requests and commit their time to the film project. However, if I ever feel disconnected from the character in a project, I try to discuss it to persuade the director.

Are there any particular directors, actors, or films that have influenced your approach to acting, and if so, how?
My role model is Peter Dinklage in the ‘Game of Thrones” series, and Natalie Portman’s role in “Black Swan’ inspired me to become an actress.

In your opinion, what makes a film truly powerful, and how do you contribute to that as an actress?
Works that can attract a larger audience and offer something new to society leave a lasting impact on the mind. Actors can shine brightly in such works and convey their emotions more effectively. All of these elements contribute to a perfect cinema project.

How do you handle the emotional toll that certain roles or scenes might take on you?
I typically exercise, listen to music, socialize, and go camping in nature to stay refreshed.

Looking ahead, are there specific types of roles or genres you aspire to explore in your future projects?
I’m really interested in experiencing a role in the horror genre regardless of my appearance and physique.