Filip Nerold

Filip Nerold, a promising graduate of Tomas Bata University in Zlín, is making waves in the film industry. Known for his distinctive sense of humor and auteur style, Filip's short films are always a treat, with each one bearing his unique stamp. Now, he's bringing his talents to the world of video games as a cinematic designer for Kingdom Come: Deliverance II.

Your project has been recognized in Prague International Film Awards. Could you please provide a brief overview of your project and its significance in the context of our festival?

Wild Eye pub offers a wild ride of comedy through stop-motion puppet animation. This film stood out as the only animated feature in the live screening, making it a unique addition to the lineup with its use of puppets and its genre of crazy comedy. These elements are not commonly seen at festivals, but they were a deliberate choice for me, aiming to create something both distinctive and cohesive within the festival screening package.


What were the key criteria or qualities you sought in selecting actors to participate in your film?
I enlisted highly skilled voice actors from the Czech Republic, some of the best in the field (Ota Jirák, Zbyšek Horák, Bohuslav Kalva, Jana Postlerová). It was important to me that they matched the ages of their characters for authenticity and believability in their vocal performances. For instance, if a character was around 80 years old, I sought out actors of a similar age.



How did you collaborate and communicate with the cinematographer to achieve your desired visual style?
As the cinematographer, I found that clear communication with me as director :D.

Can you elaborate on the choice of locations for your project and the significance behind those selections?
All of our filming locations were constructed, with significant inspiration drawn from a local pub in my village. While street and toilet scenes were entirely fictional, we aimed for an overall aesthetic of "dirty" and "ugly." However, the interior of the pub was intended to evoke a sense of warmth, coziness, and the perfect ambiance for getting a bit tipsy.



From your perspective, what unique qualities or aspects of your film make it a compelling choice for potential distributors?
Wild Eye pub combines elements of crazy comedy, stop-motion animation, typical Czech pub life, and adult, absurd humor. The film doesn't aim to address serious themes; it's simply here to make you laugh and perhaps crave a cold beer.

Could you discuss the artistic elements or expressions you incorporated into your project, and how they contribute to the overall characterization of your work?
The goal was never to achieve realism in our animation. Instead, we wanted viewers to sense that everything was meticulously crafted by hand, like a miniature toy house, with characters moving in a "toyish" manner. This film serves as my personal playground, inviting the audience to immerse themselves in this playful, boozy "toy world" alongside the characters.

What initially inspired or motivated you to pursue a career in filmmaking?
My inspirations range from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings to my own desire to escape into the world of filmmaking.

Are there any particular films or filmmakers that have greatly influenced or inspired your own work? If so, what aspects of their work resonate with you?
Jackson's dedication and passion for filmmaking resonate deeply with me.

What genres do you find most creatively fulfilling to work within, and what draws you to these particular genres?
Comedy and fantasy are my preferred genres, as they allow me to create a world that brings me joy and entertainment.

When you're not immersed in filmmaking, what are some of your other interests or hobbies?
Outside of filmmaking, my interests include video games, sports, and cats.

Lastly, could you share any insights or plans you have for future projects?
My next project will also be in stop-motion animation, but with a different genre and style. It will be set in a forest, aiming for a more naturalistic look and feel. However, this endeavor comes with a hefty price tag.