Jan Bartels


Your project takes a part in our festival. What is your project about?
When the successful businessman Markus and his wife Marie move into a modern house, the dream of a luxurious life turns into a nightmare for both of them. Markus lives beyond his means, falsifies the balance sheets of his company and begins an affair with his young intern Claire. When Markus wakes up in a hotel room after an excessive drug party with Claire, Claire is lying next to him, seemingly dead ...
A rapid downward spiral of a once successful businessman.


What were your requirements for actors to take a part of your film?
A day of shooting with me as a producer can be exhausting. The actors have to be well prepared for their role and ready to spend 12 hours on set with me. (Smile) But for that I am 100% by their side, they can bring their own ideas and together we manage to bring out the best in every scene.

How did you communicate with the cameraman?
I am the cinematographer and producer in one person. Before I'm on set with the actors, I've already been on the location with my camera and taken test shots. That helps me save valuable time on the day of shooting because I already have the images in my head.

What locations did you choose for your project? And why?
We were lucky to shoot in a really luxurious house with a swimming pool, that was a very nice film location.

Why should distributors buy your film?
I don't produce films to make money. I don't want to please anyone with it. I shoot only what I like and finance my films from my own funds, so no one talks me into it. If someone wants to give me money for it, it's ok. I am happy when people watch my films and I can observe the different reactions. I can only say, look at my new film "Sweet Home"; it is really very well done!


 What expression elements did you use in your project? How would you characterize your work?
I chose locations that matches the characters of the persons. Another important point of expression for me are sound, light, colors and music.

At what festivals have you had success? Has the film already premiered? If so, where?
“Sweet Home” has been on the festivals for 2 weeks. We have won the award "Best Thriller" at the "Filmzen Festival".

What motivated you to become a filmmaker?
I love writing unusual stories and shaping characters. And it's a wonderful experience to visualize these stories with great actors.

Which movies are your favorites? And why?
A 57 years old western classic: The good, the bad and the ugly. Three outstanding characters. Nothing left to say.

What topics do you like to deal with in your work?
I like to take stories about “normal” people and show what happens within them.
Then the interference with their surrounding.

What genre do you like to shoot and why?
Drama and Thriller. You can fill a lot of strong emotions into: Greed, love, jealous, hate, fear and cheating.

What project would you like to shoot one day, what would it be about?
I would like to produce a true story about a male nurse who poisoned patients and afterwards “saved” their lives.

How has COVID affected your film life?
Covid was a bad time. I got no inspiration for new scripts when I was locked up at home.                                
What do you do if you're not thinking about a movie? What are your hobbies?
When I’m not writing new screenplays I like to play my guitar and write songs.

What projects do you plan to shoot in the future?
get surprised!