Nandana Hewapanna

Who directed the movie that holds the world record for Fastest Film produced script to screen?

I achieved the world record for the fastest film production, from script to screen, completing the entire process in just 71 hours. This remarkable feat earned special recognition from two prestigious film festivals: the Canada International Film Festival, where the film was honored with the 'Royal Reel' award, and the Milano International Film Festival in Italy. I am humbled and grateful to these esteemed festivals for acknowledging the efforts of talented individuals.

Is your 1st and 2nd movie a world record ?
Yes, the 1st and 2nd movie achieved a world record for being produced with the smallest production team in the world.


Can you clarify this further ?
The story, dialogues, script, film production, film direction, camerawork, lighting, product management, songwriting, sound management, and assistant directing – all these roles, and many more, were undertaken solely by me.


In addition, who was involved?
Makeup artist, Editor, English subtitles were made by my son's respectively., Financial Administration were handled by my wife. To finish the entire movie there were only 5 people which was my family members. In addition to these crew members, There was an assistant for editing and proofreading. One of them is my daughter-in-law. Therefore, all the work of the film was completed with 8 people and it held the Noble world record for the film completed with the smallest production team in the world.



How are the scenes created ?

The picturesque town, beautiful coastline, and international schools were selected to create picturesque scenes in the movie. Additionally, I believe that the performance of the young child is extraordinary. Most importantly, she happens to be my granddaughter.

What is the story based on?
I took the theme of the story to be very sympathetic towards the fate of a child who achieves success in competitions. The 1st and 2nd movie is a film that can be enjoyed by both young and old audiences, and they are suitable for any country in the world.

Why should anyone buy this movie ?
This film is truly unique on a global scale. Its director ( Me) who holds two world records, why shouldn't the 1st and 2nd movie be celebrated for achieving the world record as the film completed by the smallest production team ever? Furthermore, isn't it remarkable that I, as the director, handle all the preliminary work single-handedly? I believe that individuals with talent, such as myself, have the potential to set even more groundbreaking world records. Additionally, aspiring filmmakers can gain valuable education from this endeavor. Therefore, wouldn't it be fitting to consider purchasing this movie? I am also keen on providing English dubbing for the film's dialogues in accordance with the preferences of potential buyers.