Pavel Pazukhin

Stop Motion Animation Sketches:
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Stop-Motion Animation in Nature

Animators are used to create stop-motion animation in our cozy studios using controlled light and other tools.

After working in the production industry for many years, Pavel Pazukhin decided to use nature as my studio with real light and animate geometric paper shapes there as forest spirits.


He works with paper, so humidity is one of the hardest parts of the shooting process. Even if the weather is sunny, there is water everywhere in the forest - in the plants, in the ground, so the paper loses its shape very quickly.


And then there's the real light; one scene usually takes 3-4 hours, during which time the light changes several times.

But Pavel likes it, there's something touching about the impermanence of the weather and the animated material.

Pavel's journey as an independent animator began in 2016 with an animation in the forest. Maybe at that moment Pavel Pazukhin already thought about the 'Summer' project. (

This project has already won some awards at international animation festivals.


He is going to continue the 'Summer' project this year. Also, Pavel is going to have an exhibition at Kyoto Kyocera Art Museum this July. There will be several screens of this animation, behind-the-scenes, and an installation with props from the project, so I'm going to prepare for that.

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