MEGAN PEELAM (30), a woman with a provincial outlook, is a final-year university student in business management. She's a waitress, studies and lives in London, United Kingdom, with her boyfriend JACKSON EVANS (36). He is a well-off Londoner, of good family, and has a job as an employee at another college. They are happy about their relationship. She wants kids from him, and is ready to do anything. Jackson promises her a job too. At any rate, he has business relationships with a beautiful and smart business woman named ALISON NELSON (40). Her company is selected for an important academic project created and managed by the university where Jackson works. Megan takes her degree, but he fails to fulfil his promises and plays a waiting game. 

Writer: Marco Soldo
Project type: Screenplay
Number of Pages: 88


Based on a true story, SADDAM follows the development of an unexpected bond between a young Lebanese-American FBI agent and former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein while he was in detention at an American facility in Baghdad in 2004.

In this concept short, I try to begin to bring that story to life.

Director: Rick Hester
Project type: Short
Runtime: 30 minutes
Country of Origin: United States

Beyond Border

A movie exploring the profound human bond between two individuals from vastly contrasting backgrounds, forged within a brief encounter.

Director:   Shiva Boloorian
Project type: Drama
Runtime: 5 minutes 11 seconds
Country of Origin: Austria

VGmates - "Pet the Cat"

"Pet the Cat" is a mesmerizing music video, accompanied by Russian lyrics that have been translated to convey a powerful message. The video draws its inspiration from the social media posts that emerged after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, echoing sentiments of uncertainty, deception, and the inclination to turn a blind eye to pressing global issues.

Director: Vladimir Gizatulin
Project type: Music Video
Runtime: 5 minutes 44 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

The American Labyrinth

"The American Labyrinth" is a Love story about the journey of a mother and her son through the trauma of racism. They discover by Being love itself they can transcend its traumatizing effect. A thought-provoking documentary that explores the concept of racially motivated violence and its impact on individuals and society as a whole.

Director:  Karmen A Smith
Project type: Documentary, Short
Runtime: 31 minutes 11 seconds
Country of Origin: Germany

One (Shortfilm)

The film deals with the issue of racism, which is unfortunately still a problem in our society. Furthermore, the film shows the point of view of an unbiased person who, in a situation of need, helps a man who has previously discriminated against him.

The short film is about the young waiter Terence, who is rejected by a guest because of his skin color. However, the two men will meet again in an unexpected way.

One is the first shortfilm of young German filmmaker Tom Asmussen

Director:  Tom Asmussen
Project type: Drama
Runtime: 20 minutes
Country of Origin: Germany

The Way of Water

Traveling through Africa for almost three years took Tomáš Vanourek and his Expedition Z101 to the most inhospitable places in the world. The deserted Sahara, the Nubian desert or the Sudd swamp. Together with his expedition special George, he traveled through the area of ​​the Great Rift Valley, the metropolis of Central Eastern Africa and famous national parks, where every step was accompanied by water as the essence of life. So how is it possible that we consider Africa to be a dry continent in which it is practically impossible to live? At the same time, one of the largest underground reservoirs of drinking water is located here and the axis of the road is the Nile, the longest river of this continent, and even in Sudan in the middle of the desert you can enjoy beer!
Director:  Tomas Vanourek
Project type: Documentary, Short
Runtime: 25 minutes
Country of Origin: Czech Republic

Nafkot - Yearning

An Israeli anthropologist is traveling to meet a hidden Jewish community in north Ethiopia, together they are telling their special story of survival . Abera, a young artist joins to discover what has been hidden from him

Director:  Malka Shabtay
Project type: Documentary, Other
Runtime: 1 hour 10 minutes
Country of Origin: Israel


A delivery executive comes across a laptop that is controlled by an Artificial Intelligence named ECHO at a strange delivery drop location. What unfolds is a series of mysterious events that alter the executive's perception of reality.

Director:  Rohan Prashant Chavan
Project type: Short
Runtime: 17 minutes 56 seconds
Country of Origin: India


In the past, Puri Dham Jaga Akheda was established to protect Sri Jagannath's temple and shrikhetra Dham from Muslim and Mughal attacks.
At the next level, it enhanced the prestige of Shreekhetra (Puri) Dham as a messenger of Sanatan sentiment and Jagannath consciousness, along with the sanity and services of the temple. Today's tide has eroded somewhat, but this culture has not changed its course from the shrine. This authentic film "Jaga Akheda" is not just a theme, but an exalted definition of Shrekshetra(Puri) Dham. Pulse of Jagannath Chetana. A blend of spirituality in offering with a practice of martial art & music towards the Lord of the universe Jagannath.

Director: Ashutosh Pattnaik
Project type: Documentary
Runtime: 27 minutes 25 seconds
Country of Origin: India

Distant Dialogue (Dialogo Distante)

This short documentary captures what the filmmaker, Florencia Cáceres, has been through in the last 4 years of her life while making a trip to the Province of Córdoba, Argentina.
Director:   Florencia Cáceres
Project type: Short, Documentary
Runtime: 9 minutes 29 seconds
Country of Origin: Argentina

The Payout 2024

Two Gun women are given a target to collect

Director:  Red Herzog
Runtime: 8 minutes 8 seconds

Beatriz Velarde

Beatriz Velarde finds a way of living in the sea and the waves.

Director:  Rodrigo Andre Flores
Project type: Short, Documentary
Runtime: 3 minutes 17 seconds
Country of Origin: Peru

Jenny´s Absinthe

A catfishing troll finds himself on the wrong side of the hook. 

Director:  Gregor Gašperin
Project type: Short
Runtime: 11 minutes 55 seconds
Country of Origin: Slovenia

Hope For The Holidays

In this participatory documentary, join Yuri and Rodney on a heartfelt mission as they, dressed as Santa's helpers, traverse the diverse landscapes of every US state during the holidays. Their goal is to bring hope to families facing difficult circumstances, including those in animal shelters, homes with special needs, disabilities, and individuals battling life-threatening illnesses. From snow storms in remote landscapes to navigating the weathered side streets of major cities, these two men are committed to spreading holiday cheer by providing gifts and dedicating time to listen to the stories of those they encounter. Doors will open across America as Yuri and Rodney embark on a journey to bring hope during the holiday season.
Director:  Yuri Williams, Nathan Cribari
Project type: Documentary
Runtime: 1 hour 34 minutes 34 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

Hazing Rain

"Hazing Rain" is a poignant film that explores personal growth and redemption. A man haunted by his past confronts his shortcomings and reevaluates his priorities after an unfortunate incident. Through introspection and mending fractured bonds, he embraces the role of a loving father.

Director:  Rosie DeHoyos
Project type: Short
Runtime: 28 minutes 15 seconds
Country of Origin: United States


A lesbian, vegan social media influencer goes on a quest to document the search for her biological parents. Her search leads her to a defunct, secluded farm where she encounters The Farmer, who keeps women as cattle. As old BetaCam footage from the past reveals secrets long buried, will her resolve remain strong, as her worst nightmares become reality? Meanwhile, in the outside world, things are not as they seem. (Shot entirely on GoPros and iPhones on a $7k budget.)

Director:  Madeleine Wade
Project type: Feature
Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes 53 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

A taxi in the middle of the night 

Ahmet is in his 40s and is a taxi driver in Istanbul. One night a transgender client gets in his taxi, somebody he once knew.

Since he doesn't recognize her, she pushes him to play a game that will reveal her identity.

Project type: Short
Runtime: 19 minutes 55 seconds
Country of Origin: Turkey


After the tragic death of his wife, Jon immediately starts an affair with the enigmatic Red. The closer he gets to her, the more is his life dominated by an ominous digital signal - the stutter.

Director: Sebastian Matthias Weißbach
Project type: Feature
Runtime: 1 hour 35 minutes 55 seconds
Country of Origin: Germany


A day in the life of one man and his project.
Official selection at BAFTA and BIFA qualifying Bolton Film Festival and BIFA qualifying Wigan and Leigh Film Festival.

Director: Guy Pearson
Project type: Short
Runtime: 6 minutes 3 seconds
Country of Origin: United Kingdom


Piotrek is attacked by a group of guys from his school. Through his struggles, he meets Arek - a taxi driver who decides to help him and take him home. During their journey, the taxi driver makes the boy a special offer.

Director: Nicolas Reza
Project type: Short, Student
Runtime: 16 minutes 4 seconds
Country of Origin: Poland


A married couple, whose relationship is eroding, is forced to confront those fractures when they realise that history may be repeating itself. But not in a way they could ever have anticipated.

Director: Jono Hall
Project type: Short
Runtime: 12 minutes 2 seconds
Country of Origin: South Africa

Something Divine

A journey of transformation inspired by life, spirituality, and straight edge hardcore punk music.

Director: Thomas Essig
Project type:  Documentary
Runtime: 1 hour 18 minutes
Country of Origin: United States

Delivery Day

"Delivery Day" unfolds as an interesting tale of Max, a young man in urgent need of money to cover the unexpected funeral expenses of his recently deceased father. Max takes on the role of a food delivery driver for a day. From that moment, his life takes an unexpected turn, transforming into a genuine adventure.
Director: Mohamed Maged
Project type:  Student, Short
Runtime: 2 minutes 43 seconds
Country of Origin: United States


when time is stopped, we feel like we are trapped.
Trapped in the same place, at the same time, the same gap.
we do not know why, we do not know what to do in this maze ... are we punished for something we did in the past or for something we are doing now ...
when time stops, the past looks like the future, at this moment we wonder, are we need a helping hand, or if that's karma.

Mohamed Maged
Project type:  Student, Short
Runtime: 2 minutes 43 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

The Carrier

In his existential crisis, a desperate courier driver is tasked with delivering an ominous package under strange and questionable conditions. Due to his difficult life circumstances, he is forced to accept this offer and thereby grants a higher power control over him.

Andrei Turcan
Project type:  Feature
Runtime: 50 minutes 47 seconds
Country of Origin: Germany


An intimate secret haunts a newlywed couple from Austin, TX while honeymooning in Barcelona Spain.

Maurice Moore, Alex Rios
Project type:  Short
Runtime: 22 minutes 35 seconds
Country of Origin: United States


At a group meeting for recovering drug addicts, not everyone is revealing the full truth.

William R. A. Rush
Project type:  Feature
Runtime: 1 hour 59 minutes 58 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

Christmas Melody

A young musician girl is struggling with her father's recent death, but on the night before Christmas she gets an unexpected visitor.

Director: Tatyana Batalova
Project type:  Short
Runtime: 9 minutes 7 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

Happy Birthday 

Happy Birthday takes place two years after a major viral outbreak. We follow the daily routine of John, a man living in a remote cabin in the middle of the woods. He lost his entire family to the virus on his daughter’s birthday. Having never been able to let go of the events of that day, John repeats the same actions of wearing the same clothing, eating the same food and baking the same birthday cake. When another human shows up at his door step, John is forced to face that day and deal with the feelings he has been trying to avoid. But is this stranger a savior or a threat?

Director:  Joseph A Mauro, Ezekiel N Drews
Project type:  Feature
Runtime: 1 hour 9 minutes 42 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

Aren't You Good At Everything

In the midst of his climb to become a successful filmmaker, a young director named Hartley battles with his childhood trauma, his pursuit of happiness eclipsed by inner struggles. Following the triumph of winning an award for his latest film, his anguish intensifies while alone in his hotel room leading to harrowing and comical attempts at suicide. His journey is a compelling exploration of the profound impact that past wounds have on the pursuit of success, even in the face of external validation.

Director:   Ryan Baumgart
Project type:  Student, Short
Runtime: 16 minutes 37 seconds

The Future of Fashion for All: Creating Safe Spaces 

The fashion industry is one of the most mainstream industries today that still perpetuates harmful discriminatory practices within their field. From fatphobia, to racism, to ageism, the mainstream fashion industry is medieval in terms of its strides towards inclusivity. This lack of progress has been the backbone to many prominent issues facing young people today. Its effects have had far reaching and long lasting consequences for today’s young people; from eating disorders to openly discriminating against and outcasting folks with differing bodies. What can be done to stop these harmful practices and show young people a new way to live and ultimately love themselves?

Director:  Mei Ling Marzonie
Project type:  Documentary
Runtime: 22 minutes 48 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

Dead Cat

What were Catherine and Louis thinking when they chose a cat with distinctive white spots? It would have been much easier to replace if they had picked the all-back one! Now, they will have to tell their daughter Sophie that Nugget’s dead. Unless….
Director:  Annie-Claude Caron, Danick Audet
Project type:  Short
Runtime: 12 minutes 30 seconds
Country of Origin: Canada

Family White Elephants

Artist/director Mary Jo Bole’s documentary Family White Elephants explores the two sides of her family tree, a trove of inherited possessions, and a pre-occupation with death, all of which have informed her artistic practice. Bole takes a historian’s interest in her family’s storied genealogy, which includes industrial titans like Carnegie and Rockefeller on one side and Eastern European immigrants on the other. She pieces together their stories through a collection of inherited photographs, newspaper articles, and other ephemera as well as interviews with her mother, Ruth, recorded before her passing. Preserved and handed down by a lineage of women, Bole’s eccentric family archive documents the Industrial Revolution and offers a familial front row seat to the Gilded Age of Cleveland and its demise. As she reconciles the weight of these excessive family possessions, Bole offers a parallel history of her own artistic practice, which has been influenced by this archive and her upbringing in post-industrial Cleveland.

Director:  Mary Jo Bole
Project type:  Documentary
Runtime: 1 hour 2 minutes 50 seconds
Country of Origin: United States


Vitajte na našej stránke, kde nájdete všetky novinky, aktualizácie a informácie o pripravovanej udalosti. Zostaňte s nami, aby ste získali viac informácií o udalosti, ktorú by ste nemali vynechať.

Director:  Michael Haunschmidt, Mathias Kögel
Project type:  Documentary, Short
Runtime: 35 minutes
Country of Origin: Austria

Them Upstairs

A girl tries to survive a plague that creates duplicates of the infected.
Director:  Mark Buckland
Project type:  Short
Runtime: 24 minutes 9 seconds
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Lifeless: A Musical Zomedy

Three decades after the zombie apocalypse wipes out humanity, one lone zombie's undead heart groans—and croons—for something more.

Failing to find solace in his zombie friends and psychiatrist, he searches beyond himself to answer his deepest existential question, "Is there more to life than being dead?"

Director:  Christopher Shawn Shaw
Project type:  Animation, Short, Other
Runtime: 15 minutes 13 seconds
Country of Origin: United States


A dumb girl whose fantasy about pure emotions and love is broken by the cruel reality as she sees the changes of her beloved neighbor, and she chooses to yield to reality, society, and humanity.

Director:   Lulu Chen
Project type: Short, Student
Runtime: 9 minutes 52 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

Morning Jim 

Follows a day in the life of Jim as he sees his own demons reflected in the faces of the friends and loved ones he meets throughout the day. 
Director:  Jay Graham
Project type: Short
Runtime: 19 minutes 45 seconds
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Winter Is No More Lonely Than Other Seasons

“Winter is no more lonely than other seasons” delves into the life of Wang Fang, a Chinese waitress navigating cultural and linguistic barriers while working in a small restaurant. Strained interactions with her daughter Kayla and Kayla’s American boyfriend Tanner underscore Wang Fang's struggles with communication and her longing for connection.

Director:  Morgan Lu
Project type: Short
Runtime: 14 minutes 52 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

Aeon Oz 

AEON OZ, a metaphor for transformation, a beautiful film about the meaning of life in the meditative flow of time. Visual poetry, impressive images, extraordinary music, enormous landscapes and a protagonist who moves in the dance of life like a wave of energy through the transparent air. The art film Aeon Oz, a great whole on all levels. No past. No future. Open mind. Open heart. Full attention. To hear, to see, to feel and to be.

Director:  Heinz Kasper
Project type: Experimental, Feature
Runtime: 1 hour 3 minutes 33 seconds
Country of Origin: Austria

Close The Divide 

Close The Divide unveils a gripping journey to bridge the deep divide on climate change, revealing how uniting diverse perspectives can spark innovative solutions to our planet's most pressing challenge.

Director:  Thomas Acton
Project type: Documentary
Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes
Country of Origin: Canada

The Invisible Woman

Amidst the vibrant chaos of Chinese New Year celebrations in Los Angeles, Lulu navigates a day filled with unexpected magical encounters and interpersonal challenges, forcing her to confront the complexities of her romantic relationship amidst the clash of cultural traditions and femininity. 
Director:   Joy Tan
Project type: Short
Runtime: 15 minutes
Country of Origin: United States

Beautiful Things

Jesse confronting her past and her relationship with her parents after a major loss. Switching between memories with family in the past and the painful present, she seeks to understand the complexity of family ties and the lasting impact of choices and absences. A film about love, loss and the emotional journey of life.
Director:  Thamiris Mendes
Project type: Short
Runtime: 9 minutes
Country of Origin: United States

Gonzo's Temporary Family 

The story of a master who is the sole survivor of a household accident and begins a strange life by gathering a fake family.

Director: JUN YORIKO
Project type: Experimental, Feature, Other
Runtime: 42 minutes 30 seconds
Country of Origin: Japan

Orange Shoes

In an attempt to connect with his fiancee who's she's locked in a Sanitarium, Pavlos tries to enter in his own will without thinking of the consequences.

Director:  Stylianos Chrysostomou
Project type: Student
Runtime: 9 minutes 21 seconds
Country of Origin: Cyprus

Ram's Head

A new father is forced to choose between his love of music and lifelong gear collection and doing what is right for his family.

Casey Lee Ball
Project type: Short
Runtime: 13 minutes 31 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

Halloween (Rabbit Well Episode 6)

Rabbit Well is an animation comedy of daily humor of young adults who are super hero. In the year AD 2000, men have destroyed humanity of mankind. Zombies attack City of Boredom. Episode 6 is a story of Nerd Boy in a Halloween.

Director: I-Jien Jane Kou
Project type: Animation, Short, Television, Web / New Media
Runtime: 9 minutes 14 seconds
Country of Origin: United States


It's James birthday, her girlfriend videotapes the day, just another birthday... or is it? A New Day has begun!

Director: Mor Peled
Project type: Student, Short
Runtime: 14 minutes 3 seconds
Country of Origin: United Kingdom


When 15-year-old Violet gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the lead singer of her favorite American band, she decides to make him an offer he can't refuse. Or can he?
Director: Mor Peled
Project type: Student, Short
Runtime: 14 minutes 3 seconds
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Dark Pacific

This Cinematic film tells the story of Sarina Mueller a young French migrant whose life has been altered by a chance encounter with a German U-boat commander on the east coast of Australia at the closing stages of World War II.

Director: Robbert Smit
Project type: Feature
Runtime: 1 hour 34 minutes 17 seconds


One day in Mindanao, an open barrel with a hazard label is seen floating in a river. Nobody knows where the barrel came from, but soon scores of villagers who use the river for fishing, washing and cooking are dead. 
Director: Jeffrey Smith Quizon
Project type: Short
Runtime: 24 minutes 41 seconds
Country of Origin: Philippines

Dog days are over

The morning visit from a downstairs neighbour and his atypical request, take the main character on a journey down the memory lane of a lost relationship.

Director: Kinga Pudełek
Project type: Feature, Student, Short
Runtime: 22 minutes 35 seconds
Country of Origin: Poland

I want to live

The movie "I Want to Live", which was realized as a result of the "If You Tell It, It Will Become a Movie" program that reached 25 million people in the digital world, brings to the big screen the real life story of Sevgi Görmez, who has been trying to survive since her childhood, full of ups and downs. For the first time, the life of a commoner was made into a movie thanks to a programme... 

Director: Yunus Şevik
Project type: Experimental, Other
Runtime: 1 hour 46 minutes 44 seconds
Country of Origin: Turkey

RugbyTown Season 2

Season 2 of RugbyTown takes-off with the American Raptors in search of local competition and finishes with a two-match tour in Montevideo, Uruguay for the men to play their way into consideration for inclusion in Super Rugby Americas in 2023. The players are mic'd up and RugbyTown goes behind the scenes, both on and off the pitch, as the men rise collectively in furtherance of their strategic mission for the USA to win the Rugby World Cup in 2031.

Director: Patrick Guthrie
Project type: Documentary, Television, Web / New Media, Other
Runtime: 26 minutes
Country of Origin: United States

Table For Three 

A young man who is confident he was living
the perfect life uncovers a mysterious life
blueprint and finds that he has been living a life not designed for him

Project type: Short
Runtime: 9 minutes 33 seconds
Country of Origin: Canada

Al Bangeri

Haseena, the protagonist of our film, a widow who has recently emerged from her mourning period. She used to derive her value from her husband's status, as he was the respected and followed wise man and healer of the neighborhood by its residents.

Director: Moosa Nasser Alkindi
Project type: Short
Runtime: 25 minutes 38 seconds
Country of Origin: Oman

The Model Maker

In December 2017, Dutch Model maker Constant Willems embarked on a captivating mission-to recreate Zutphen as it stood in 1485. The overarching goal is ambitious: to recreate not just the old city but also the Nieuwstad, the Spittaalstad, and a segment of the surrounding environment, all meticulously scaled down to 1:500. 

We're shadowing Constant Willems as he embarks on the creation of this intricate model. Originally estimating a timeline of 3 years for the project, Constant found himself immersed in the endeavor for a total of 5 years. Witness the meticulous precision with which he works and the extensive preparation required before he can even lay the foundation for a series of houses. Unfettered by conventional deadlines, his world takes an unforeseen twist. A sudden, unexpected deadline emerges, casting a dark cloud of stress over the entire endeavor. 

Will he triumph against the relentless march of time and meet the looming deadline?

Director: John Post
Project type: Documentary, Feature, Television, Other
Runtime: 55 minutes 30 seconds
Country of Origin: Netherlands


2 soldiers have the mission to bring 2 civilians to a meeting point. The mission is abruptly interrupted when a drone shoots the leader. The three others flee to a nearby military depot. As soon as they reach the supposedly safe building, the exits close. They are trapped. All around them are dead bodies and strangely disfigured corpses. The last soldier, "Notch", leaves the two girls to look for an exit. He finds a strange living wall and suspects that there is a way out. He relays the message to the two girls "Trish" and "Trigga" via radio. But then the connection breaks off and the girls wait for another signal from him. Instead, a mine explosion shatters the silence. Trish suspects that Notch has been hit. She wants to help him and leaves Trigga alone. But Notch is not dead. He comes back to Trigga transformed into a monster and actually runs into a mine.

Director: Markus Schnatmann
Project type: Short
Runtime: 39 minutes 20 seconds
Country of Origin: Germany

I love you

Marcel and Carla's life would be in harmony if Marcel had not fallen ill with schizophrenia a year ago, which has been treated with tablets ever since. Unfortunately, the side effects of these tablets are so unpleasant for Marcel that he recently stopped taking them. As a result, a strong schizophrenic attack has occurred, in which Marcel falsely imagines that he has been cheated on by Carla several times with other men. In revenge, he has Carla bound and gagged and abuses her with a knife and with blows. However, he is not even aware of this, but hallucinates a harmonious loving coexistence with Carla. He is thus extremely split in personality. The film shows both dimensions of this split, the real and the hallucinated one. When a visitor, Janna, rings the doorbell, the hallucinating Marcel kindly lets her enter the apartment, even though he is covered in blood and Carla is badly battered in the living room. When Janna realizes this, she runs yelling out of the apartment to call the police. Marcel is annoyed and continues to talk to the hallucinated Carla, while the bound Carla is voiceless and distraught. When the hallucinated Carla asks Marcel if he doesn't love her, he reacts desperately and, crying on her lap, confesses his love for her. The real Carla takes this opportunity to grab a knife and plunges it into his back in self-defense, fearing for her life. This causes Marcel to rage, and he strangles Carla. In the meantime, the police have arrived in front of the house, where they are sent by Janna to Marcel and Carla's apartment.

Director: Rafael Maria Friebe
Writer:  Horst Tran
Project type: Experimental/Short
Runtime: 15 minutes 9 seconds
Country of Origin: Germany

Camino de Santiago - The Pilgrims Speak

Since the Middle Ages, millions of pilgrims have made their way to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Santiago, Spain for spiritual and religious reasons and to fill a need for self-discovery. Rich Henkels takes us on his trek across northern Spain, along the most popular route, the Camino Frances, visiting with fellow pilgrims, exploring their motivations, deepest hopes and ultimate findings. These 32 minutes will open your heart and mind and perhaps move you to take on your own pilgrimage along the Way of Saint James.

Director: Rich Henkels
Writer:  Rich Henkels
Project type: Documentary
Runtime: 31 minutes 46 seconds
Country of Origin: Spain

ND (Near Death)

Chris falls from a ladder into an empty bath at a house he is renovating. When he wakes, everything seems normal, his tools are on the ground and the ladder is on its side. He is unsure. He rings his wife, Sam, asking her to pick him up as he thinks he has had an accident and doesn’t want to drive. As he goes to leave the building he is confronted with an apparition. At the end of a corridor, he sees an open door but before he can get to it, it slams shut.

George John Kingsnorth
Writer:  George John Kingsnorth
Project type: Short
Runtime: 9 minutes 13 seconds
Country of Origin: Ireland

Fragile Earth 

Terra Fragile is the story of a long journey in Italy to discover food as the most intimate point of contact between man and nature. It starts from Southern Italy among the tomato fields where the scourge of exploitation and illegal hiring is widespread. From the investigation into the relationship between modern agriculture and farmers, we move on to a research that goes ever deeper into the relationship between man, food and the environment. The documentary ends with a message of hope for our future.

Project type: Documentary
Runtime: 54 minutes
Country of Origin: Italy


The passionate pursuit of an art-filled life by a young woman drives her into a mesmerizing swirl of misdeeds.

Director: Ann Huang
Writer:  Ann Huang
Project type: Experimental, Short, Other
Runtime: 8 minutes 19 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

Switched at Death (Film)

After his wife kicks him out, a self-centered computer analyst moves into the retirement home of the only person he hasn't pissed off, his wife's grandma. As he starts learning how to play well with others, he uncovers a sinister enterprise, forcing him to try and save his marriage and his new friends without getting himself killed.

Director: David Merry
Writer:  David Merry,  Marty Putz,  Larry Horowitz
Project type: Feature
Runtime: 1 hour 38 minutes 30 seconds
Country of Origin: Canada

Where the Dreams are Waiting

From a young age, Eleni Tsakmakis life challenged her with great hardships. The dream of a self-determined life was denied to her. At the age of 5 she witnessed cruel NaziGerman occupation. At the age of 17 she is forced into an arranged marriage. At 23, she and her husband come to Germany as so called "guest worker" and have to leave their children behind in Greece. At the age of 54 she discovered writing . In addition to autobiographical texts, plays, children's books and documentaries Eleni Tsakmaki inspires her audience with exhibitions on Greek migration history to Germany.

Director: Uli Bez
Writer:  Uli Bez
Project type: Documentary, Short
Runtime: 29 minutes 20 seconds
Country of Origin: Germany

Lost in Memory

In the near future, when people have started to visualize their memories with the help of futuristic eyewear, Raphael tries it on for the first time to re-visualise his dead lover but accidentally breaks the device. Will he be able to see her again? If so will he be able to make peace with him not being able to move on with the help of the device or be forever lost in Memory?

Director: Hindole H Shihan
Writer:  Hindole H Shihan
Project type: Student, Short
Runtime: 10 minutes 23 seconds
Country of Origin: France

Lost in the Maze

This is a true story of two men, who while on a trip down the Uraricoera River deep in the Amazon jungle, find themselves with nothing when their boat flips in the wild rapids. They are in one of the most inhospitable regions of the world with nohting to eat and a badly dented boat. They are Lost in the Maze.

Director: Rodrigo Santo, Rita Santo
Writer:  Rodrigo Santo, Rita Santo
Project type: Documentary
Runtime: 1 hour 34 minutes
Country of Origin: Brazil