Promítaní českých a zahraničních krátkometrážních filmů PIFA

Připravte se na filmový zážitek jako žádný jiný! Přidejte se k nám na Promítaní českých a zahraničních krátkometrážních filmů PIFA v Kino Pilotů, kde oslavujeme umění filmové tvorby z celého světa.

Zde je to, co můžete očekávat:
17:30 // Promítání českých filmů s oceňováním
Stoneface (Otto Dušek, CZ)
Wild Eye Pub (Filip Nerold, CZ)
Untold Pieces (Alexandr Borecký, CZ)
Zlatá hodinka (Golden Hour) (Klára Drbohlavová, CZ)
Eliminated (Tomáš Krauz, CZ)
Forbidden (Charlotte Vacková, CZ)

20:00 // Promítání soutěžních zahraničních filmů
The Fence (Tomasz Wolski, PL) - Official Selection 63th Krakow Film Festival
Affricate (Anna Gyimesi, HU) - Official Selection 28th Sarajevo Film Festival
The Real Truth about the Fight (Andrea Slaviček, HR) - Official Selection 62th Cannes Critics Week
Sea Salt (Leila Basma, CZ) - Official Selection 80th Venice Film Festival
Rites (D. Vondrášek, CZ)


Součástí promítání je i oceňování nejlepších filmů.

Nepromeškejte svou šanci stát se součástí Prague International Film Awards! Uvidíme se v kině!

Seznam promítaných filmů //

Directed by Otto Dušek /Czech Republic/

David is a young boy suffering from a rare disease, Moebius syndrome, which prevents him from expressing emotions and moving facial muscles. His face is often expressionless due to this condition, as if it were made of stone.

Sea Salt
Directed by Leila Basma /Czech Republic/

The summer is coming to an end soon, and Nayla, a Lebanese teenager getting her first taste of independence, has life-changing decisions to make.

Directed by  Damián Vondrášek /Czech Republic/

A boy with a cleft lip has one afternoon to pass the initiation ritual to a street gang.

Directed by Tomáš Krauz /Czech Republic/

A member of a military unit, Victor is one of the few people left on planet Earth after the mass evacuation. The planet’s air is contaminated and everyone has already left the planet, but Viktor believes it can be fixed. However, one day he runs into someone he didn’t expect.

Wild Eye Pub
Directed by Filip Nerold /Czech Republic/

Are you tired of watching depressing or overly serious short films over and over again? Our film will introduce you to the world of alcoholic hideouts and absurd attempts to get love. During an unplanned visit to a local taproom called „Wild Eye Pub“, the person of Death succumbs not only to a sudden love affair, but also to a number of other deadly mistakes and absurd situations. The short puppet animated film Wild Eye Pub by Filip Nerold is a crazy comedy full of cheeky and deranged humor.

Untold Pieces
Directed by Alexandr Borecký, Jan Sedlacek /Czech Republic/

Conversation between two friends takes an unexpected turn during a night out to the topic of appropriate reaction to someone’s death. As random as the topic may seem it’s more current to one character than the other.

The Fence
Directed by Tomasz Wolski /Poland/

Arrival of an unusual couple disrupts the life of a village. Can these two men protect their relationship from onlookers’ glances?

Zlatá hodinka (Golden Hour)
Directed by Klára Drbohlavová /Czech Republic/

86,400 seconds. 1,440 minutes. 24 hours. 1 day. This is the time our heroes have to prove the impossible. To capture "the mountains in the golden hour with grazing cows..." Crazy? A bit. Short comedy set in a university environment will take you through the exam day of a photography class student, where time, distance, and absolutely unpredictable complications cannot stop the desire to fulfill the task.

Directed by  Charlotte Vacková

A coming-of-age short surrealist drama about a girl stuck between order and passion.

In a pure, ideal world full of rules, one schoolgirl is tempted to get a forbidden kiss and then faces the consequences of her behaviour.

Directed by MIKITA PANDEKA /Czech Republic/

A cow living on a farm seeks freedom.

Directed by Anna Gyimesi /Hungary/

A single mother’s adventure by the seaside leads her to recognise her unnecessary martyrdom for her disabled teenage daughter.

The Real Truth about the Fight
Directed by Andrea Slaviček /Croatia/

Between school trouble, mean girl drama, catchy lyrics, and a mysterious blue car, teenage Lena, sometimes distracted or interrupted, tells us the real story behind The Big Fight. But what isn’t she telling us?