Winners of the autumn part of the year 2021/22

Best Feature Film

ZERIA (Harry Cleven, Belgium)

Honorable Mention: Feature Film
Mighty Victoria (Raul Ramon, Mexico)

Best Feature Documentary
Chhaupadi (Marek Kłosowicz, Poland)

Best Short Film
JUMPING (Mohsen Nabavi, Iran, Islamic Republic of)

Best Short Documentary
Cuba in Africa (Negash Abdurahman, United States)

Best Super Short Film
Barry (John Robert Brown, Ireland)

Best Student Film
Terje Sofie (Malin Hannesdatter Sunde, Norway)

Best Director Feature Film
One Day At A Time (Vortre Williams, United Kingdom)

Best Director Short Film
Tequila Dream (Peter Lavery, United Kingdom)

Best Director Super Short Film
The Tupperware Murder (Brad Watts, USA)

Best First-time Director (Short)
The Dead Can Talk (Osame Anwer, Iraq)

 Best First-time Director (Feature)
Silenced, as mercury rises ( Karl Talbot, Chad Murdock, Canada)

Best Director Student Film
The Hideaway (Jane Stephens Rosenthal, United States)

Best Director Music Video
Stevan - Hope It´s Not (Ben Develin, Australia)

Best Music Video
Its Not The End of The World (Marielle Tepper, Czech Republic)

Best Drama

Best Comedy
FORNICAKES (Steve Becker, United States)

Best Animated
Ailin on the moon (Claudia Ruiz, Argentina)

Best Experimental
DIES IRAE - Day of wrath (Nacho Gutierrez, Spain)

Best Indie Short Film
Abigail (Claudio Cirri, Italy)

Best Indie Feature Film
Rival Queens (Anton Armendariz Diaz, United States)

Best Web/TV Series
You Are Not Alone (Lyndal Redman, Australia)

Best Horror
Tekenchu (Carlos Matienzo Serment, Mexico)

Best Thriller
STEM CELL (Giuseppe Di Giorgio, Italy)

Best Sci-fi
A Piece of Memory (Linnea Daregard, Switzerland)

Best Fantasy
TRIANGLE Short Film 2019 (Cataldo De Palma, Italy)

Thank you for being a friend (Anup Thapa, Australia)

Best Mobile Phone Film
Perpetual Loop (Javier Otero, Spain)

Best Inspirational

Best Action
NIGHT OUT (Nassos Zotis, Greece)

Best Film Poster
The Lights of Dawn (Sadie Duarte, Spain)

Best Czech Short Film
The Goat (Josef Cach, Czech Republic)

Best Actor Short Film
Catharsis (Tash Ann, United States)

Best Actress Short Film
THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME (Marc Saez, France)

Best Actor Feature Film

Paragon (Trent Buxton, United States)

Best Actress Feature Film
Unraveling life (Jonasson, France)

Best Original Screenplay
Snorrie (Victoria Warmerdam, Netherlands)

Best Editing
Maenad Fever (Tamara Cook, Australia)

Best Sound Design
Images of Guanwu (Chin-Fa Chen, Taiwan)

Best VFX
A Savannah Haunting (William Mark McCullough, United States)

Best Cinematophraphy
The World Is My Stage (Andrew Arrakis, Russian Federation)

Best Production
Only Flowers Live By Windows (Toshiyuki Nagaoka, Japan)

Best Short Script
Crime and Punishment for Cello (Gregory Kohring, Germany)

Best Feature Script
Dancing With Plato (Nahyr Galaz Ruiz, United States)

Best First-Time Screenwriter (Short/Feature)
Love, Cupid (Spencer Stephens)

Best Drama Screenplay
The Midwife´s Case Notes in a Time of Contafion (James Fitzmaurice, Sara Read, United Kingdom)

Best Comedy Screenplay
Today We Almost Died (Brandon Gates, Barry Blitch, Curt Mariah, United States)

Best Thriller Screenplay
TALIO - EYE FOR AN EYE (Peter Noel, United Kingdom)

Best Horror Screenplay
Cove (Thomas O'Malley, United States)

Best Action Screenplay
PREACHER´S DAUGHTER: GIANT SLAYER (Gregory Bonds, United States)

Best Sci-fi Screenplay
Renegade of Light (Dennis E Higgins, United States)

Best LGBTQ Screenplay
Questioning (Joshua Allen, United States)

Best Television Script - Pilot
Dastardly Deeds (Christie Heaven, United Kingdom)

Official selection for the autumn part of the year 2021/22

Adrama-Strong Film Distribution TRIANGLE Short Film 2019 Italy
Aya Bassiouni Carnation United Kingdom
Costas Mouratidis a Branch in the fire Greece
Alexis Nelson A Savannah Haunting United States
Anete Tambaka NIGHT HAG Latvia
Daniel Maurer And outside life goes on Switzerland
Jeryl Parade The Elite 8 Script United States
Shannon Forth Davies FORNICAKES United States
Jordan Ellis Crossing Over the Dark United States
Arman Ayvazyan The Gull Russian Federation
Sjoerd Wess My Meditation Netherlands
Natasha Kinaru The Judge United Kingdom
Brad Watts The Tupperware Murder Not Specified
Delphine Montaigne OUT OF TIME France
Kirk Zeller Directing Remotely and Filmmaking During the Pandemic: The Making of #MyCorona United States
Melissa Jo Peltier The Game Is Up: Disillusioned Trump Voters Tell Their Stories United States
Andres Galeano DEEPER ME Colombia
Claudia Bento Chapter Two United Kingdom
Luca Bizzarri Preservation Italy
Erik Bergamini Puncture United States
Jerry King Musser Quantum Entanglement United States
Josef Cach The Goat Czech Republic
Josef Cach Light and the Humankind Czech Republic
John Phillips Coffee Cops United States
Peter Noel TALIO - EYE FOR AN EYE United Kingdom
Luís Damas What I want to say, Burn! * Portugal
Sultan Rabea Egg Rebelled Saudi Arabia
Breanne Krause Ruffles United Kingdom
Pollyanna Popermajer LAMB Sweden
Linnea Daregard A Piece of Me(mory) Switzerland
Asim Altokhais THE LAST EXORCIST® (SCRIPT) Saudi Arabia
Joe Andrews Tequila Dream United Kingdom
Morgan Wuhrl Three Seconds United States
Marie Boulougouris I Hope This Feeling Doesn't Last Australia
Fred Rabbath The Waiting United States
Ivy Vale Out of My Comfort Zone United States
Julian Schmiederer Pressure Austria
Luís Damas Nude Landscapes Portugal
Pavel Cerny LSD Memories - A Love Story United States
Pavel Cerny GolemX2 United States
Miriam Devitt Barry Ireland
Oliver Yan Home Away China
Aziz Chennaoui Korrinty Tunisia
Karl Talbot Silenced, as mercury rises Canada
Sadie Duarte The Lights of Dawn Spain
Christopher Saunders Lusitania United States
Brandon Gates Today We Almost Died United States
Marina Shangina The Sky Pulled Over Our Eyes Russian Federation
Vortre Williams One Day At A Time United Kingdom
Dimitris Galatas MAGDA Greece
Brit Johanne Eide Landa 800 001 Norway
Osame anwer The Dead Can Talk Iraq
Aimee Kuge Cannibal Mukbang United States
Christopher Logan Never. Canada
Tamara Cook Maenad Fever Australia
Nassos Zotis NIGHT OUT Greece
Bobby Haobam Rongdaife India
Sally McLean Shakespeare Republic: #AllTheWebsAStage (The Lockdown Chronicles) Australia
George Tombs The Blinding Sea Canada
Benjamin Murphy Stevan - Hope It's Not (Music Video) Australia
Tati Golykh Three Stops United States
James Button The Foul United Kingdom
Liz Cox The Tinderbox United States
Taylor Neumann Who Are We? United States
Nicolas Bausor Nocturnum France
?? ? phishing Korea, Republic of
Harry Cleven ZERIA Belgium
Léo Colomina Rien que ça France
Ted Deacey Pi?ata Australia
Fabiola Velazquez Mighty Victoria Mexico
Katarzyna Jankowiak Chhaupadi Poland
Jan Mühlethaler LAGEN Switzerland
Johanan Eugene Night Lights Cayman Islands
Malin sunde Terje Sofie Norway
Claudia Ruiz Ailin on the moon Argentina
sardar sattar Love Solitude Iraq
Marcus Looney Tiger Lukas United States
Josh Alexander MAN UP United Kingdom
matteo scarf? Pale Blue Dot: A Tale of Two Stargazers Italy
Valentin Boitel-Denyset Alone beneath the Northern Lights France
Dan Silov What We Call Love. Red Latvia
Maziar Ghaderi A Walk In The Park Canada
Franziska Bausch-Moser don't stop motion Germany
Negash Abdurahman Cuba in Africa United States
Leigh Miller Podcast Australia
Maya Yadlin FINE Israel
Mohsen Nabavi JUMPING Iran, Islamic Republic of
Amalie S?ndergaard Because of Freddy Denmark
Atlanta Media Pros Still Born United States
Atlanta Media Pros Room Mate United States
Christie Heaven Dastardly Deeds United Kingdom
David Hinds The Happiness Angel United Kingdom
Cary Mark Our Neighbors Shadow United States
Devina Vassileva FriDgid Bulgaria
A T Beaune ??? Shoe Story (Chinese dialogue, English subtitles) Taiwan
Samantha Ferrand La Casita de la Mariposa United States
Eunice Li sonder Korea, Republic of
Nahyr Galaz Ruiz Dancing With Plato United States
David M. Night Maire Chateau Sauvignon: terroir United States
Thomas O'Malley Cove United States
Thomas O'Malley Cove United States
Alberto Scisco The Red Death Italy
Christopher Coulombe A Humboldt Story United States
Claudio Cirri Abigail Italy
Damien Megherbi From time to time I burn France
Iain He who am i United States
Nacho Gutiérrez DIES IRAE - Day of wrath Spain
Stefanie Batten Bland Kolonial United States
Joshua Birchall The Pub Team United Kingdom
Isabella Walton Is she Queer United Kingdom
Rafi Perach Once Upon a Time in Tel Aviv Not Specified
Jean Jackson The Nest United States
Matthew Tyler Origin United States
Shira Zimbeck Listen Carefully United States
Niloofar Asadi Presence United States
riu lohri DIZIUS Switzerland
Mohammed Saffouri Touchline Jordan
Spencer Stephens Love, Cupid Not Specified
Jose Leon PRECIPICE Spain
Timothy David Orme fulcrum United States
Dennis Higgins Renegade of Light United States
Carlos Scasso Martinez Kairos, Qualitative Time Spain
Sweet Rind Sweet Rind. Jamaica
Jean Jonasson Unraveling life France
George Kostopoulos I See My Beauty in You United States
George Kostopoulos Prelude & Fugue in Dm United States
Rachel Wolfe Blåtime Sol Norway
Alan Manzo SOMOS United States
Ioannis Koutroubis Ouverture Canada
Zdenek Beran The Shi**y Side Of Life (music video by GLANC) Czech Republic
Jane Stephens Rosenthal The Hideaway United States
Philipp Wenning BORDER SYNDROME Germany
Andrew Arrakis The World Is My Stage Russian Federation
Chuti Tiu Just a Man and a Woman United States
Danny Alex LEGENDS United States
MATTHEW EVERETT Cat Hunters United Kingdom
Chin-Fa Chen Images of Guanwu Taiwan
Neriah Kharece Ashes United States
Neriah Kharece Catharsis United States
James Fitzmaurice The Midwife's Case Notes in a Time of Contagion United Kingdom
Yohan Riba Martinez The Flowers I've Ruined United States
Richard Daniels The Pandemic Dances Nos. 1-3 United States
ANUP THAPA Thank you for being a friend Australia
Tyris Terrell McKnight LOW HANGING FRUIT United States
Aram Manukyan LET ME Armenia
Ken White Two Women France
Ken White Perfect France
Ashley Bell Rival Queens United States
Gunther Schumann When uuuuuuuu Sleep Germany
Ann Topolsky My name is Shaun United Kingdom
Carlos Matienzo Serment Tekenchu Mexico
Jay Stamatis Vested United States
Gabriel da Silva Fake World Switzerland
Marielle Tepper Its Not The End of The World Czech Republic
Darren Stokes The Short Film Club United Kingdom
Elizabeth Martina Bishop A Poet's Childhood - Awakening to Consciousness - Elizabeth Martina Bishop United States
Chelsea P Mute - The loudest Silence Australia
Lyndal Redman You Are Not Alone - Web Series Australia
Thom Jackson-Wood A Peace Of Europe: Brexit, The EU & The Good Friday Agreement United Kingdom
Gregory Kohring Crime and Punishment for Cello Germany
Waner Biazus EGO SUM! Brazil
Javier Otero Perpetual Loop Spain
Elizabeth Stevens FREEDOM United States
Xavier Terhorst The Withered Ghoul's Ceremony United States
Anaëlle Morf Immersion Switzerland
Lara Czernecki Checkmate Hungary
Giuseppe Di Giorgio STEM CELL Italy
Alessandro Mignacca SISYPHUS - Anthology of absurd Italy
T Paragon Paragon United States
Takuma Tsuji Only Flowers Live By Windows Japan
Joshua Allen Questioning United States
Kary H. Sarrey Song of the Same Night United States
Trent - Snorrie (Mustachio) Netherlands
Nieves Garcia Perchin Room Service United States
Samuel Ntsanwisi Rirhandzu (Love) South Africa
Pedro Martins Why do you hate your brother? Portugal
Gjert Rognli Life is a two-way drea Norway